Health and Conservation Ministries of APECA

Health and Conservation Ministries of APECA

Public Health Training and Services

Promotores de Salud (Health Promoters)

The first class of these trained volunteers graduated in 2000. Each returns to his village with a Community Health Chest stocked with pharmaceuticals and local natural medicines, ready to tackle basic health concerns, with an emphasis on disease prevention

Midwife Training

APECA collaborates with local healthcare providers to train midwives in prenatal care and safe birthing practices, effectively reducing the high incidence of maternal and neonatal deaths. They also get instructions on child care that they pass forward to the new mothers.

Vaccinations and Preventive Health

APECA works with the government to facilitate delivery of health education, disease prevention, and sevices, including birth control and life saving vaccines, TB treatments and malaria testing to thousands of villagers each trip.

Medical and Dental Services and Training

In 1994, APECA conducted its first campaign with visiting dentists from the United States. Since then, thousands of villagers have benefitted from dental and medical services, including reconstructive surgeries.

Conservation and Reforestation

Village representatives, including children, trained by APECA in biodiversity and sustainability, become leaders in restoring deforested areas along the Amazon River. They plant and harvest fast growing trees for construction materials and cooking fire fuel, helping to halt further depletion of old growth trees deep in the rainforest.


APECA trains Adolescentes Lideres (adolescent leaders) to strengthen village communities in the face of encroaching social change. Programs educate and inspire teens to make healthy choices; for example, how to avoid substance abuse and sexually-transmitted diseases. 


Undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, professionals and anyone interested in promoting health and sustainability through research and community engagement in the undeveloped setting of the Amazonian rainforest are welcomed.

$150 provides 10 trees for reforestation

$200 trains a community health care provider

$500 supplies a community first aid chest