Bridges of Hope Professional Center

Bridges of Hope Professional Center

Bridges of Hope Professional Center – CONASPEH

The National Spiritual Council of Haitian Churches (CONASPEH), a partner of many years with Global Ministries, has long focused on education as a means of transforming their home nation.  CONASPEH houses a traditional school (pre-K to grade 12), a school of nursing, the St. Andrews School of Theology, and a university which was established in the fall of 2013. 

CONASPEH’s newest effort to create educational opportunities is a vocational school, naming it the Bridges Of Hope Professional Center, with the goal to instruct students in a variety of trades using curriculum that will elevate Haiti’s trades standards and bring them closer to International Standards.

The Professional Center will start with courses in nine different trades: 

Building Construction:          24-month course

Electricity:                               24-month course

Plumbing:                               12-month course

Welding:                                 12-month course

Masonry:                                12-month course

House Design:                        12-month course

English Interpreter:                12-month course

Ceramic tile installation:        6-month course

Basic Computer:                     6-month course

The average number of students per class will be 20 to 25 with the exception of the computer and interpreters classes which will have 30-35 students each. 

CONASPEH seeks funds for the following items: 

Start-up costs:  Salaries, administrative and operating expenses for the first year; construction and furnishing of classrooms: $61,800

Tools, materials, curriculum: $11,000

Storage Building for tools and supplies: $6,500

Global Ministries is pleased to report that this new initiative is well on its way to fruition with a $50,000 gift from Canadian Pacific Railroad Company, and with $5,500 raised by the Kansas City Friends of CONASPEH group.  Global Ministries now seeks gifts to help CONASPEH with this much needed project.