Latin American Biblical University

Latin American Biblical University

Costa Rica

The global economic crisis has impacted seminary and university enrollment all over the world, but the Latin American Biblical University (UBL) continues to persevere to maintain all areas of study and administration to the best of their ability. Founded in 1923, the ecumenical institution of theological education, UBL, has now expanded to reach two continents with 19 centers in 14 countries.

Since 1997, the UBL has been recognized as a University by the Costa Rican Ministry of Education.  It offers programs of theological study at the university level, including Bachelor and Master Degrees in Biblical Science and Theological Science as well as a Doctor of Divinity program in Biblical Studies and Theological Studies. Emphases in the UBL degree programs include its Gender and Religion Program and Theological Studies and Research in HIV/ AIDS.  The UBL also offers a Pastoral Biblical Institute which provides basic ministerial training for persons who study Bible and theology at a secondary school level. 

The program success of UBL has led to expansion which has led to other needs, such as more resident apartments and academic buildings, increased library expenses, and funding for scholarships. UBL receives work teams, study teams, and volunteers which, along with financial donations, have been instrumental in getting the new student family housing project underway as well as sustaining UBL’s indigenous programs in Colombia and Peru.

Thus far, UBL has hosted three work teams which have been helping with the student family housing project, while the one visiting study team participated in lectures on themes such as The Church in Latin America, Ecology in Costa Rica, Immigration Issues and Challenges, Free Trade Agreements, and Women and Symbolic Violence.  

Global Ministries has worked with the UBL for many years.  Global Ministries gifts for the UBL will support the theological education of Christian leaders throughout Latin America, providing resources to strengthen and continue the UBL’s educational program.  Specific needs include library book acquisitions, publication costs, student housing, and academic facilities.  UBL also seeks scholarship support to cover tuition, housing, food, books, health insurance – typically these expenses reach $4,000 for one year per student. 

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