Theological Community of Honduras

Theological Community of Honduras


The Theological Community of Honduras (CTEH) opened is doors in March 1998 as an important theological institution in Honduras with ecumenical principles, supported by the Christian Commission for Development (CCD), a partner of Global Ministries since its inception. The CTEH partners with the Latin American Bible University of San Jose, Costa Rica, which Global Ministries also has worked with for many years. CTEH offers an exciting approach to theological, biblical, and pastoral education that emphasizes the inter-relation that exists between faith, politics, society, and the church. With the goal of empowering leaders in the Honduran church to confront the challenges to their ministries in the 21st century, CTEH is providing a unique contribution in the struggle of justice and health in the marginalized neighborhoods and poor villages where Christ accompanies the poor of Honduras. Theological education is available at different levels from grassroots and secondary school levels as well as university level. 

Students of CTEH include Bible and Theology students as well as Pastoral Education. Over the years CTEH also added non-theological educational programs reflecting an expansion of its initial vision. CTEH now offers programs for basic education (middle and high school), a kindergarten/pre-school, and a technical program for youth at social-economic risk. In addition, CTEH provides HIV/AIDS educational programs and sponsors ecumenical theological dialogues and forums about the challenges that confront the people of Honduras today, including issues of migration, non-violence, youth at risk, and fair trade.

Donations to CTEH support scholarships for students in basic, technical, and theological education; salaries and other expenses for teachers; technical and theological books for the library and the purchase of food and educational materials for the nutrition program at the kindergarten/pre-school.

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