Letter from the AACC after death of Nelson Mandela

Letter from the AACC after death of Nelson Mandela


December 6th, 2013


The Government of the Republic of South Africa

The Churches in South Africa

The Peoples of South Africa




On behalf of the participants of the continental Peace Meeting (December 5-6, Nairobi, Kenya) and the entire family of the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC), I am writing to express our sadness following the death of former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela.


But we are also grateful to God for the fruitful life of 95 years that God granted him to stand and defend the dignity of the African peoples particularly the firm stand he took against the racist evil of apartheid. We are torn between being sad for the home going of such an important and loving and great son of Africa and the joy of knowing that he has rested in the dignity for which he sacrificed his all.


On 8th June 2013, The All Africa Conference of Churches held her Jubilee celebrations under the theme, ‘God of Life, Lead Africa to Peace, Justice and Dignity’.  The life of Nelson Mandela was through and through a demonstration of his passionate love for Peace, Justice and Dignity not only for Africa and the African Peoples but for the entire humanity. He has left us a memorable example of selfless sacrifice and an enduring inspiration never to give up in the face of injustice.


We want to request the Government of South Africa and the Churches in South Africa to convey our solidarity and prayers to his family and all the people of South Africa.  Indeed, there comes a time when words cannot express the deep sentiments of love that we want to express to the family of the departed and to you all in South Africa at this time of bereavement.


Our prayer and conviction is that you will all find consolation and strength in God through the risen Christ who gives humanity a new beginning with hope and dignity.



Yours in His Service,



Rev. Dr. Andre Karamaga (Signed)

General Secretary – All Africa Conference of Churches