Life’s Lessons

Life’s Lessons

Rachel_Beck1.jpgThere is a magical place called “Family Village Farm.” Why is this place magical? There are many reasons. It might be the feeling of happiness you get when surrounded by the cutest, loving children.  Or it could be the inspiration received from the amazing women who work there.  Or maybe it is magical because of the lessons you learn from the grandmothers.  No matter which one of these it may be, if you come and visit “Family Village Farm,” you will forever be changed through the experiences.

One could say that I am a little biased because I come from there and love of the place runs deep in my heart and soul. What I can share with you is that the people who work there are some of the hardest working people I have ever met in my life. They are loyal and loving to the children and it shows every day.  I admire and respect their dedication as they provide love and care to the many children who live there.

What I gain from being there (and hope you will if you volunteer) is learning life’s lessons. In my time serving there, I have learned the following:

Humanity is still very much alive.

Having gratitude for the little things in life, being grateful for everything that you have.

Family is everything.

That there are still kind and loving people is this world that, at times, seems insane.

There are still generous people who go above and beyond to serve others.  

These are just a few of the lessons I have learned during my time volunteering at the Family Village Farm.  These are lessons that will last a lifetime.  I hope that you will consider volunteering as well because I promise that if you do, the love of the children will fill your hearts and the hospitality and care of the people will fill your soul. 

With much love,

Rachel Beck