Litany – Dare to Do as I Did

Litany – Dare to Do as I Did

Dare to do as I did
Litany on Luke 4:16-21

From the depths of my soul
I hear your gentle voice
Inviting me once again
To give away your love.

“Do not leave anyone without love
Do not forget anyone
Give from what you have received
Dare to do as I did.

Rejoice in my peace
Rejoice as you serve
Never doubt in stretching out your hands
In blessing as you give and receive.

Serve without restrictions
Without judging for whom
Forget your prejudices, fears
Trust my voice inside you.

When you give in truth
What I have placed in you
You will receive
A double portion of Shalom.

Patricia Gómez
Iglesia Pentecostal de Chile
May 8th, 2011