MECC: Kairos Middle East Towards Churches Global Compact

MECC: Kairos Middle East Towards Churches Global Compact

MECC_logo.pngThe Theological and Ecumenical Department of the Middle East Council of Churches has launched its process entitled ” Kairos Middle East Towards Churches Global Compact ” in a first consultation seminar that brought together about 25 experts in theology and geopolitics from Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Cyprus and Jordan. The seminar took place over a three-day period from 6 till 8 December 2019 in Bethania, Lebanon.

The first consultation seminar focused on drafting a scientific white paper that combines the theological and geopolitical aspects to address the challenges faced by Christians and their fellow citizens in the Middle East, as well as their presence and ecclesial role in the public life.

During the opening session of the seminar, Dr. Souraya Bechealany, Secretary General of the Middle East Council of Churches, highlighted the importance of this process in shedding the light, from realistic and prophetic perspectives, on the role of Christians in the region and their fight for human dignity. Then, Father Gaby Hachem, director of the MECC Theological and Ecumenical Department talked about the process’s approach and about its short, medium- and long-term goals, while stressing the message of love and peace in a wounded world with a special focus on the poorest and most marginalized people.

The participants were then divided into two groups: the first one focused on the geopolitical aspect of the Christians’ situation in the Middle East while the second delved into the theological aspect of this topic.

On the last day, a joint meeting was held between the two groups who agreed to continue the process in order to prepare a draft white paper, through a participatory approach, before officially submitting it to the Churches.

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