MECC news magazine “Al-Muntada” – May/June 2019

MECC news magazine “Al-Muntada” – May/June 2019

MECC_logo.png“The Resurrection is Bound to Come”
by Dr Souaraya Bechealany, General Secretary
Middle East Council of Churches (MECC)

After a long absence (since 2008), “Al Muntada” magazine has been re-launched by the Middle East Council of Churches. The new form of the magazine had been founded by Honorary General Secretary, Reverend Father Michel Al-Jalkh on July 2016. At the time of the Holy Resurrection, “Al Muntada” is published to prove and proclaim once again that “Christ is risen, trampling death by death and he gave life to those in the graves.”

“Al Muntada” is a free space and platform for any thinker and believer who wishes to express his “uncensored” positions and opinions on the role and mission of the churches in the Middle East and on the importance of coexistence with believers from other religions, as well as the importance of working together to preserve human dignity and freedom of belief and conscience, in the context of an inclusive “citizenship.”

We wanted this magazine to be a free space for each pen that addresses the heart, mind and conscience at the same time, and in which we insist on our commitment to move forward in activating and strengthening the culture of freedom and tolerance.

We now leave it to the Church officials to share their vision of the future and of the challenges they are looking to meet with faith and boldness. We will stop to gaze at the city of Abu Dhabi and to the “Document on Human Fraternity” initiated by Pope Francis and Imam Ahmed el Tayeb, as a sign of hope that life has the last word in history and that the glorious resurrection which we celebrate today is bound to come to the Middle East and the entire world.

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