MECC Statement on the Alexandria Church attack

MECC Statement on the Alexandria Church attack

All who aspire to peace and brotherhood among the believers in the one God and worship Him in truth and service to humankind felt deep pain and resentment as a result of the tragic incidents in the Coptic Orthodox church of Alِexandria, Egypt.

We in the Middle East Council of Churches, as we denounce these attacks on innocent peaceful citizens who shed their blood on the beginning of the new year. We call for imposing the severest punishment on the perpetuators who are trying to destabilize Egypt’s national unity. We must emphasize that in Egypt and all over the World, the Christian-Muslim coexistence which is on the basis of equality, dialogue and under the rule of law is a basic postulate that should not be relinquished.

The Middle East Council of Churches stresses on the historical fact that the Christian Egyptians constitute an intrinsic component of the national fabric of Egypt. They have contributed to building the ancient civilization and the construction and growth of their country with the same devotion, dedication and in collaboration with their Muslim brothers. They look forward to national unity and religious tolerance where all citizens have equal rights and same obligations.

The Middle East Council of the Churches declares its solidarity with the Coptic Orthodox Church. The Council beseeches mercy for the innocent victims and a quick recovery to the wounded.

The Council urges all members of the public to halt the strife and to restore peace and security so Egypt remains an oasis of love, peace and security according to the verse of the scriptures (Blessed be Egypt My people ) Isaiah 19; 25.

Guirguis Ibrahim Saleh
General Secretary
The Middle East Council of Churches (MECC)