Mediterranean Hope in the US, at the border with Mexico

Mediterranean Hope in the US, at the border with Mexico

MedHope_logo.jpgRome (NEV-Italian Protestant News) January 24, 2020 – Mediterranean Hope in the US, at the border with Mexico, for a “border to border” exchange of practice and experience.

Two staff members from the FCEI’s Refugee and Migrant program, Fiona Kendall* and Francesco Piobbichi, recently concluded a trip to Sahuarita, Arizona.  From 16th to 18th January, they were guests at two important events in the calendar of North American migration activists, namely, the Common Ground on the Border festival and the Border Issues Fair, now in its seventeenth year.


Both the events and the visit were organized by the UCC Church of the Good Shepherd which decided this year to invite Francesco, the social operator and author of “Drawings from the Border“, to give a keynote address, a central part of both events.

 “It was a hugely enriching and moving experience,” explained Fiona, “a very important opportunity for exchange. Participants, numbering around 300 activists and church members from all over the US, listened to our testimony and were very moved by the stories associated with Francesco’s drawings.  Whilst there, Francesco and Fiona also took part in field trips organized by “border minister” Randy Mayer.

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* Fiona Kendall serves as a mission co-worker with Mediterranean Hope, jointly appointed by Global Ministries and the Church of Scotland.