Mediterranean Hope-June 2015 newsletter

Mediterranean Hope-June 2015 newsletter

The defeat of Italy, the illusion of Europe

By Paolo Naso

This time we cannot say that the glass is half full. The glass is empty and that’s all! The results of the last European summit on migration that was held at end of June have confirmed that in Europe there is a lack of political and social commitment to effectively manage the migratory flows from North Africa and the Middle East. Read more

One in every 122 people is displaced by war, violence and persecution, says UN

By Sam Jones from The Guardian, 18 June 2015

War, violence and persecution left one in every 122 humans on the planet a refugee, internally displaced or seeking asylum at the end of last year, according to a stark UN report that warns the world is failing the victims of an “age of unprecedented mass displacement”. Read more

Economic migrants or refugees? If the poor of the world become second-class migrants

By Redattore Sociale

ROME – To select migrants directly in their countries of origin or transit, distinguishing clearly between refugees and economic migrants, including those who have the right to come to Europe and those who do not. Read more

Ventimiglia North of Lampedusa

By Marta Bernardini and Francesco Piobbichi

Lampedusa, Agrigento (NEV), June 17th 2015 – For those living on a border, as the people in Lampedusa, what happened in Ventimiglia is sobering. Firstly, because it has confirmed that the majority of immigrants do not intend to stay in Italy despite talks of an invasion on the media. Read more

The voices of children that gradually get louder

By Osvaldo Costantini, Mediterranean Hope Scicli

It’s June in Pozzallo, like the rest of the world. The area in the late afternoon is acrid, the water is brackish and the algae have a smell that is forced down the throat by the wind. It is a smell that the people of the sea know well. Read more

World Refugee Day in Scicli

By the staff of Mediterranean Hope Scicli*

20 June 2015. Scicli, province of Ragusa. The House of Cultures celebrated World Refugee Day in its own way by inviting all the local associations and operators working in the vast reception “machine”. The aim was to discuss the mutual experiences and to network, primarily through a common reflection on the paths, opportunities and difficulties of each individual and group. Read more