Mediterranean Hope Newsletter – April 2015

Mediterranean Hope Newsletter – April 2015

Where is your brother where is your sister?

by Paolo Naso -Today we are on Cain’s side. A few days after the massacre off the Libyan coast that killed hundreds of people – at this time we speak of more than 900 men, women and children -, someone has been asking where our brothers and sisters are. And we, like Cain, reply that we do not know: we are not responsible for these lives and these losses. Read More

The proposal of Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy and the Community of Sant’Egidio

After these massacres and in front of the increasing and unacceptable number of victims, the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy and the Community of Sant’Egidio launch a proposal that could be rapidly set up by Italian authorities. That is a model also viable for other European countries. Read more

Enough is enough!

by Marta Bernardini e Francesco Piobbichi – The press and the media have broadly covered it and we could see it directly: in the last few days the arrivals have increased. More than 8,000 immigrants have landed on the Italian shores. On Monday, a boat capsized off the coast of Libya, causing nine deaths. Read more

Facing New Migration flows. Elements of Analysis

By Andrea T.Torre – Despite being a phenomenon that has been developing for more than thirty years, immigration towards Italy is constantly treated as an emergency. This approach, consistently used by the media over decades, has been recently accentuated following the destabilisation of many regional regimes during the Arab Springs. Read More

House of cultures of Scicli a smile of normality

You only have to read any newspaper or follow any news report to find out that in recent days more than 11,000 migrants have arrived on the Italian coast. To this news is added, unfortunately, the tragedies that occurred at sea. In fact, a few days ago there was news of a boat capsizing off the coast of Libya causing nine deaths, and only a few hours ago, another announcement of a real slaughter in the Strait of Sicily. Read more