Mediterranean Hope Newsletter – March 2017

Mediterranean Hope Newsletter – March 2017

French Humanitarian Corridors: Words of Welcome from the President of FCEI, by

From February 2016 to date, the Italian pilot project promoted by the FCEI, the Tavola Valdese and the Community of Sant’Egidio has brought about 700 Syrian refugees from Lebanon to Italy. By means of the tomorrow agreement, the French government is committed on Lebanon by ensuring for the next 18 months 500 humanitarian visas to the Syrian citizens who are in a position of vulnerability: families with children, single women, sick or disabled people. Likewise the Italian experience, even the French humanitarian corridors are the result of the ecumenical cooperation between Protestants and Catholic organisations: the FPF(Fédération Protestante de France), the Community of Sant’Egidio, the French Bishops ‘Conference, the Entraide Protestante and the Secours Catholique.  Read more…

Pietro Grasso: “The Protestant Involvement in Europe is Important and Enriching,” by

A few days ago, a delegation of the Evangelical Church of Westphalia visited Italy. Led by its President, the theologian Annette Kurschus, and accompanied by Paolo Naso, the coordinator of Mediterranean Hopea project of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy, the delegation visited various departments of the the FCEI and the Diaconia Valdese in Sicily. Then, they went back to Rome, where they were also received by Pietro Grasso the President of the Italian Senate.  Read more…

The Canadian Model: An Alternative Response To Global Migrationby Alberto Mallardo MH’s operator at the Observatory of Migrations in Lampedusa

The resettlement of refugees through private sponsorship has enabled Canada to provide a faster response to the humanitarian crises of recent decades by directly empowering the local population. This model, in fact, has encouraged the development of local solidarity networks improving social cohesion and promoting the integration of newcomers.  Read more…

Olive Oil, Seeds and Spices, by Silvia Turati, MH’s operator in Lebanon

At taking off, when the plane got speed, the wheels retreated from the land of Beirut and we slowly began to rise and fly, then it was raised a loud applause. An applause of freedom for a new beginning, beyond the chains that have held these people captive for a long time, unable to leave in safe a legal way.  Read more…

For a stranger, strangers do not mourn, by Alice Fagotti, Alessandra Governa – MH Lampedusa

As we have often felt on our skin, Lampedusa is an island of transit. It is a place of almost meeting, where we come face to face with life and death on the Favaloro pier. A few moments that have the risk of leaving no trace if we do not constantly remember them and remember that every life is unique, it is exceptional and should be treated as such.
“Bereavement in their death to feel
Whom we have never seen –
A vital kinsmanship import
Our soul and their’s between.
For a Stranger – Strangers do not mourn”
(E. Dickinson)

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Gambia decided, by Ivana de Stasi – Operator of Mediterranean Hope, Casa delle Culture of Scicli

At the Casa delle Culture (House of Cultures) it was impossible not to notice what was happening in the small African country: the young men were glued to the computer, first following the campaign and then all the subsequent events; the radio of the mobile phones were constantly tuned in to the news from Gambia. They had to know what was happening.  Read more…