Relief for displaced Syrians

Relief for displaced Syrians


More than seven million Syrians have been displaced from their homes over the past 33 months, two million of whom have sought refuge in neighboring countries. Most all of them have witnessed intensifying violence and endured the loss of jobs, homes, and loved ones. Too often they also have lost hope for the future. The number of people displaced greatly surpasses earlier United Nations estimates and has left relief organizations struggling to keep up with the scope of the ongoing crisis.

Children are experiencing and witnessing appalling violations. Boys and girls are routinely injured, maimed, and killed. Thousands of children have been injured or forced to leave their homes. The use of heavy weaponry, including air strikes and more recently chemical weapons in densely populated areas, creates fear and trauma, especially among young children.

As reported by Global Ministries partner, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East (GOPA, located in Damascus), the ongoing crisis will have long-lasting impacts on children who have missed educational opportunities as a result of being displaced. Many children found themselves isolated in refugee camps in unfamiliar places until Global Ministries partners such as GOPA responded with summer schools and other educational opportunities. However, these projects are only sustainable with outside support, as the displaced families do not have reliable sources of income to pay school expenses.

Another partner serving refugees in Northern Jordan noted that as the number of refugees increases, the cost of basic goods increased rapidly. The funds that would have provided basic support to 500 families at the time they were requested were only enough to assist 350 families. The people of Jordan also have been offering food and shelter to the refugees as they are able, but the rising costs have affected their ability to provide for themselves.

As the conflict continues to affect individuals and families in new ways, Global Ministries is working with a number of regional partners to find meaningful ways to respond. Given the ever-changing nature of the crisis, Global Ministries offers this opportunity to give in order to address the needs, which also allows for the flexibility needed to react to the most pressing concerns.

Food, shelter, warm clothing, and trauma care are being provided through the following partners, in the countries and places noted:

  • The Fellowship of Middle East Evangelical Churches; Syria
  • The Forum for Development, Culture and Dialogue; Syria
  • The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East; Syria
  • International Orthodox Christian Charities; Syria, Lebanon, Jordan
  • Middle East Council of Churches/Orthodox Initiative; Za’atri refugee camp, Jordan
  • National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon
  • Syriac Orthodox Archbishopric of Mardin; Turkey

All gifts to Global Ministries designated for Syria Relief will be used in their entirety to assist the displaced people of Syria (both refugees in neighboring countries and those displaced internally in Syria) and will be directed by the Middle East and Europe Office of Global Ministries to the efforts most in need.

  • $25 can provide school supplies and a uniform for a student
  • $75 can provide food and hygine items for a family
  • $150 can provide transportation for a month for volunteers
  • $500 can provide medical supplies for camp clinics