1991 Executive Council: Gulf War Resolution

1991 Executive Council: Gulf War Resolution

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It was VOTED:  The Executive Council of the United Church of Christ gathered today, March 9, in Stony Point, New York

Gives thanks that the Persian Gulf War has ended.

Profoundly regrets the use of war as a response to conflict.

Grieves the enormity of death and devastation suffered by our sisters and brothers in Iraq and Kuwait, their homelands and their cultures and the environment of the entire region.

Mourns the terrorization and loss of life suffered by Israelis and Palestinians.

Expresses compassion and concern for all who sacrificed and suffered and pledges its continued pastoral and prayerful support for:

  1. the men and women in the armed forces and their families, and
  2. those civilians and military personnel who were led by their conscience to express their opposition to the war.

Appreciates the efforts of pastors, congregations and military chaplains for their ministries of care among those affected by the war.

Joins with Christians and other faith communities in the USA and in the Middle East in ministries of pastorial care and in renewed and strengthened medical and physical relief efforts to address the needs of all people in the Middle East.

Calls upon the United States government and other allied coalition nations to work through the United Nations and other international structures to alleviate the human needs created by the war, to work for economic justice in the region and to assist in building more just and peaceful relations among all the peoples and nations in the Middle East.

Calls upon all members of the United Church of Christ to be a leaven for sober reflection in the midst of our nation and continue to pray and work for the coming of a just peace based on friendship and mutual security.