Middle East Council of Churches statement on Brussels Attacks

Middle East Council of Churches statement on Brussels Attacks

We are shocked and truly saddened to hear the news of the tragic and horrific events that shook Brussels today. We are outraged and devastated to see that perpetrators of violence and hatred committed acts of terror once again. The multiple blasts were brutal and terror attacks that targeted innocent civilians and violated the stability and peace of Belgium. These acts are intolerable and cannot be accepted by Human conscience.

As we express our condolences, pray and ask the Lord to heal the grief and pains of the families of the victims and the wounds of the injured, we, as partners committed to Christian witness, Ecumenical work and diaconal action, have to realize our constructive role to have a firm stand in the face of this inhumanness and brutality.

The MECC condemns the committed terrorist atrocities and expresses its sympathy and solidarity with you during these times of adversities and challenges. As a response to inhumane acts and extremist mindsets, which are carried out and adopted by terrorist organizations, we are called to emphasize our commitment to our values of faith and good will.

Further, we have to be conscientious and realize that what happened in Brussels can’t be justified by any religion. We have to refuse to see such events as acts committed by Islam, as Muslims are integral part of our communities and the Churches have relations of brotherhood with their Muslim counterparts.

While we condemn and reject this act of terror and hold firm to our values, let us recall that Interreligious Dialogue, particularly the Christian-Muslim Dialogue, has never been more necessary or relevant than it is today as we see the escalation of conflicts, tensions and extremism throughout the region. Our vision and mission should foster Dialogue and embrace the actions and efforts that serve its pattern, as this is the only way to counter what hinders the prevalence of Justice and Peace.

May God have mercy on the souls of the victims that they enjoy his Holy Face and give condolences to their relatives and beloved ones.

Fr. Michel Jalakh
MECC General Secretary