Ministry of Prison Chaplains

Ministry of Prison Chaplains

Christian Council of Mozambique



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The Christian Council of Mozambique (CCM) is a national council of churches that has related to Global Ministries for many years.  CCM works countrywide with offices in each province and in some districts, administrative posts, and localities throughout Mozambique.


The Christian Council of Mozambique believes that it is in a good position to work with their member churches to establish a Ministry of Prison Chaplains to motivate conditions for the good treatment of prisoners and their transformation, as well as preparing the community to welcome and integrate the ex-prisoner.


The rapid population growth in urban areas motivated by the rural migration within the country and the arrival of refugees from other African countries looking for good conditions (employment, education, health and safety) has reduced the capacity of the cities to provide for the basic needs of the people (food, health, employment, and shelter). This has led to increases in crime, especially in incidences of theft, corruption, and murder. With the Ministry of Prison Chaplains, CCM hopes to deepen the scope and intensity of member churches in ministering to prisoners. A plan of pastoral action will be established in three areas:  social, judicial, and religious.


As part of the program, a special focus will be made on facilitating regular contacts of prisoners with their relatives and training the prisoners and the community to receive the ex-prisoners back into society.


This Ministry of Prison Chaplaincies has established the following objectives:

  • Raising awareness and providing information and education about prison ministry to the CCM and their member churches.
  • Organizing, mobilizing, and networking of individuals and CCM member churches, to generate moral, spiritual, and material (including financial) support for prison ministry.
  • Assisting prisoners and released prisoners, their families, and victims of crime, through fostering healing relationships and creating welcoming communities for their reintegration.
  • Developing and implementing programs and tools for prison ministry which reflects their faith and spirituality.Calling forth new volunteers for Prison Ministry and providing them with adequate education and support in their work.
  • Developing adequate formation programs and support systems.
  • Collaborating with other prison ministry groups and organizations. 

These objectives will be accomplished using counseling, training of chaplains, establishment of contact between prisoners and their families, workshops among prisoners, correctional representatives, pastors, and lawyers, placement of chaplains in prisons, biblical studies with prisoners, interdenominational devotions; and follow-up with prisoners after their release.


Global Ministries wishes to support the education and training aspects of this new initiative.