Mission Pilgrimages Postponed in 2021

Mission Pilgrimages Postponed in 2021

In an effort to encourage and preserve the health and wellbeing of neighbors near and far, the Global Ministries’ People-to-People Pilgrimage Program will not organize nor promote mission pilgrimages through December 31, 2021. The Program will continue to assess the development and impact of COVID-19 in consultation with area offices and international partners when considering pilgrimages beyond this date. While saddened by the physical distance from our global family, our love for one another is shown by following best practices and recommendations from health experts, as well as considering the varying travel restrictions and pandemic responses around the world. 

However, there are many opportunities for connection and engagement with Global Ministries through:

Visit the Global Ministries website to access news, resources, and actions. The COVID-19 Resource page is especially useful with current information on the global impact of the pandemic. It is also a great idea to subscribe for updates.

Join Global Ministries every week by reading prayers from staff and mission co-workers

Learn more about advocacy efforts of global partners and ways you can participate.

Consider being a Mission Advocate by making an automatic, recurring gift and joining a dedicated community of donors committed to supporting God’s mission in the world.

And there is so much more! Currently, the People-to-People Pilgrimage Program is organizing virtual pilgrimages in response to its commitment of bringing people together to listen, learn, share, and build bridges of mutual understanding and solidarity. Stay connected for virtual pilgrimage opportunities and let us know how YOU are engaged with Global Ministries. 

Thank you!
Lorna B. Hernández
Director, People-to-People Pilgrimage Program