Council of Theological Students Program

Council of Theological Students Program

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September, 2006 – August, 2007
A Program of Global Ministries in Connection with UCC/Disciples Closely-Related Seminaries

Purpose:  The purpose of  the Global Ministries Council of Theological Students (CTS) is to equip diverse groups of ministerial students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective ministers in a global community by providing opportunities to:

Main Components of Program:

(1)  Mission Interpretation
(2)  Reflection on Missiology
(3)  Project
(4)  Mission Experience Trip within the U.S.

Selection of Students  – Seminaries will nominate students by May 1, 2006

–Two students from each seminary:

(1)  UCC or Disciples student from USA
(2)  If a seminary nominates two students, the second should be an international student

–Seminary representatives will be identified during February, 2006; Invitation for nominations and promotional material will be sent to seminary representatives during first week of March, 2006; Seminaries will nominate students by May 1, 2006; Program will begin September, 2006.

Components of Program

(1)  Interpretation

1. Attend a gathering in the fall, either MissionWorks or Ministry and Mission Interpreters (MMI) Training, depending on which is offered (October, 2006)
2. Incorporate CTS members into MMI organization with full access to ListServe and Resources
3. Complete and fulfill an MMI Action Plan for an interpretation activity or event

(2) Reflection on Missiology

Students will view movie(s) at the fall gathering and engage in related discussion on missiology.

(3)Project (to be completed during October, 2006 – May, 2007)

Project Choices:

a. Plan and Implement a Global Ministries/WCM Interpretation event in conference or seminary  –  Reflections on the process and event itself to CTS Staff Coordinators
b.  Research Project, approved by and supervised by seminary representative (or other faculty) – Student may want to work with their own seminary to receive academic credit for this project — Reflections and updates to CTS Staff Coordinators
c.  Advocacy Work

i. Gather information on advocacy for Global Ministries, possibly to be used on website or other educational materials
ii. Plan and implement an advocacy campaign on a particular issue
iii. Issues may include one of the following: elimination of poverty, globalization, water, another general topic approved by CTS Staff Coordinators

(4) Trip (Sometime between May and August, 2007, depending on seminary schedules of participating students.)

Mission Experience Trip within the U.S. providing action-reflection on global/domestic issues and giving time for presentation of projects to other CTS students and staff coordinators.


[Communication will be considered three-way:  WCM/GM CTS Staff Coordinators, Student, Seminary representative]

Students will be divided into groups of approximately 4 persons each for greater inter-student networking, support and mutual accountability.  A student leader for each group will be identified at the fall gathering.  Each group will take responsibility for planning and writing articles and up-dates for one edition of a monthly electronic newsletter.  The group leader will forward the material to CTS Staff Coordinators who will send it to all current CTS members and seminary representatives.  Materials for each newsletter should be received by Staff Coordinators by: 

Nov. 15, 2006  Group 1
Dec. 15, 2006  Group 2
Jan. 15, 2007  Group 3
Feb. 15, 2007  Group 4
March 15, 2007  Group 5
April 15, 2007  Group 6
May 15, 2007  Group 7