Short-term Volunteers

Short-term Volunteers

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“I was invited to spend a month with a group of pastors from the East Seoul Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK) to help them enhance their English language speaking skills. During that time we learned about one another’s cultures, faith traditions, and politics. We explored many of the differences between ourselves – politically and theologically. I learned much about the passion of the PROK church to reunify the two Koreas – north and south, about the passion of each pastor as they engaged in ministry with each of their congregations, about their families, and I even learned a little bit of the Korean language. It was a rich and rewarding experience.”

-Ed Evans, Global Service Co-worker to South Korea

Global Ministries sends Global Service Co-workers on assignments identified by International Partners. These assignments are from three weeks up to one year. This is a great way to create a meaningful vacation, summer break as a student or educator, or a sabbatical opportunity as a pastor or professional.

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