Mission Stories

  • A New Beginning

    By: James Wilson Mar 27, 2014

    "Faith makes us sure of what we hope for and gives us proof of what we cannot see." Hebrews 11:1 (CEV)


  • A Review of the Past 10 Years and Looking Ahead

    By: Anil Henry Mar 26, 2014

    In August we just crossed 10 years since our family moved to Mungeli. My life has surely changed in these 10 years where I started from our home in Nashville taking for granted a life with the internet on the tip of our fingers to Mungeli where the closest dial up connection was Bilaspur (50 kms) away. We went from Mungeli with its 4 patients in a dark and gloomy ward, to our well ventilated...Read more...

  • Singing to the Lord

    By: Mark Behle Mar 25, 2014

    They say that singing lifts the heart; that it helps to chase the worries away. That alone is reason enough to want to sing praise to God! But there have been plenty of other reasons for rejoicing lately. At the end of December I visited my favorite place in Lesotho: Maletsunyane Falls. With the river’s plunge of over 600 feet down into the canyon (above) and the surrounding awe-inspiring scenery, it doesn’t take much effort to think of an appropriate...Read more...

  • Accompaniment

    By: Amelia Casillas Mar 25, 2014

    We give thanks to the Lord for the opportunity he has given us to accompany the Round Table for Mission Development, formed by the Christian Church Disciples of Christ of Argentina and the Christian Church Disciples of Christ of Paraguay. The objective of this collaborative and fraternal work space is to consolidate efforts for the development of God’s mission in the contexts of both countries.


  • My Story

    By: Xuyen Dangers Mar 25, 2014

    In 1963 I finished high school and did not know what to do with myself, so I took a year off. That year I read a magazine with a French Catholic sister’s picture on the cover of the magazine. She held a new born baby she picked up from a garbage bin in front of her Convent, with the address 38 Tu Xuong, Saigon ( Vietnam).


  • Another Model for Mission

    By: Faye Buttrick Mar 24, 2014

    This noon, John and I will have lunch at a local hot bar where today’s menu features foods from the Middle East.  Although our mission assignment is to the Kairos Palestine office in Bethlehem, West Bank, we will be eating at the local Coop grocery store in Concord, New Hampshire. In Bethlehem the sun warms the city.  Here it is snowing.


  • I’ve Found My Place

    By: Amy Lester Mar 24, 2014

    At this time last year, I was just settling into a new world – assuming four months in Budapest constitutes “just settling.” But now, how have things changed? How does my life look now that I’ve been settling in for 15 months?


  • Pray for India on Sunday, March 30, 2014

    By: Anil Henry Mar 24, 2014

    Lectionary Selection: John 9:1-41

    Prayers for India:
    Gracious and loving God, we gather once again to thank and praise you for your abundant love for humanity. We thank and praise you, O God , for being the light of the world, so that we see the path and mend our errant ways. We give thanks O God, that affliction and disease are not deserved but rather opportunities to reveal through us your mercy, compassion and...Read more...

  • Gosese Teachers Go the Distance

    By: Joel Cooper Mar 19, 2014

    Head Teacher (Principal) Sasi Kabaka first arrived to take the reigns at Gosese Primary School in Western Kenya back in 2007. At that time, Gosese was a “school” in name only.



  • Never Too Old

    By: Gary Luallin Mar 19, 2014

    Meet Cephas, he is one of my best students. He is always right with me and I can see lights come on when he understands the concepts being taught. He is constantly one of high scorers on the tests I present on the material we cover in the Old and New Testament. Cephas is seventy years old! His full name is Cephas Kwame Onny.  His Christian name is after the real name of Peter the...Read more...

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