Mission Stories

  • Peacemaking, Piece-by-Piece

    By: Nishan Bakalian Jul 26, 2019

    The very last day of January saw an amazing thing happen in Lebanon. The country, whose people had gone to the polls nine months earlier to elect a new government, could finally say that they had one.


  • Pray with Ecuador Sunday, July 28, 2019

    By: Marilyn Cooper Jul 22, 2019

    Ecuador_Marilyn_Cooper_IMG_4587.jpegLectionary Selection: Luke 11:1-13

    Prayers for Ecuador:  

    Thanks God, that you have shown us how to pray. Thanks that we may ask of You and it will be given; that we may seek and we will find; that we may knock and the door will be opened. Your Holy Spirit comes to us in many ways including in our work on your behalf.  

    Oh Lord, we ask that the Holy Spirit...

  • Watching Over Hong Kong

    By: Judy Chan Jul 19, 2019

    Dear Friends,

    New conflicts are happening daily in Hong Kong in mass protests against the Hong Kong government. What triggered the last four weeks of mind-boggling events was the government’s unwise proposal to allow Hong Kong residents charged with certain crimes to be extradited to other jurisdictions, even where there was no formal agreement between the two places.


  • Graduation in July

    By: Larry Colvin Jul 16, 2019

    The hard work has been completed and the day of new beginnings came June 29 when the Evangelical Presbyterian Theological Seminary held its graduation celebration on the Green Hills campus in Peki.


  • Update from Italy

    By: Ron Dauphin Jul 15, 2019

    Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, our brother, whose family became sojourners in a time of violent unrest.


  • Pray with Botswana Sunday, July 21, 2019

    By: Victoria Peagler Jul 15, 2019

    Botswana_Victoria_Peagler_IMG-20190704-WA0009.jpgLectionary Selection: Luke 10:38-42

    Prayers for Botswana:  

    You who are the Good Shepherd of your people, I pray for your people around the globe that they may experience your love and come to appreciate your abundance of peace and true justice. Oh Lord our Redeemer, this day I specifically pray for the people of Botswana and for our partners with Global Ministries.

    I further pray, Oh Lord, that you will heal...

  • Strategic Planning with LECSA in Soweto, South Africa

    By: Danielle Murry-Knowles Jul 09, 2019

    In mid-May I had the pleasure of traveling to Soweto, South Africa with members of the Planning Commission of the Lesotho Evangelical Church in Southern Africa (LECSA) to assist with a Strategic Planning Workshop for church leaders and lay people in Gauteng Presbytery.


  • Welcome to Italy

    By: Fiona Kendall Jul 08, 2019

    In a city of many significant staircases, the Spanish Steps represent one of the best known.  Sweeping grandly down from the church of Santissima Trinità dei Monti to Bernini’s Barcaccia fountain, this has been a place of transit and meeting since the eighteenth century. 


  • Pray with Morocco Sunday, July 14, 2019

    By: Fritz-Gerald Joseph Jul 08, 2019

    Morocco_Fritz_Joseph_Youth_Ministry.jpegLectionary Selection:  Luke 10:25-37

    Prayers for Morocco:  

    Precious God, creator of heaven and earth, giver and sustainer of life, in You we live and move and have our beings. There is nothing we can do without you. And all that we are able to do is because of You. We are crying out to you for this beautiful land of Morocco and for all of us who dwell in it.

    The...

  • Knowledge is Power

    By: Sandra Gourdet Jul 03, 2019

    There are two things that come to mind when I reflect on my recent trip to Haiti on behalf of Global Ministries to serve in ministry and to be a presence with our partners, CONASPEH.  One is the adage that “knowledge is power."  


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