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  • Thoughts on Concluding in Sri Lanka

    By: Andy Jepson Apr 30, 2018

    How do you describe 2 years of life in Sri Lanka as volunteer missionaries? A lifetime in American culture gave us assumptions and habits that make us as different to and from Sri Lankans as they and their culture are different to and from us. That was an ever-present lesson, one that made us constantly grateful for the patience of people who created a space of acceptance and love where we shared ‘citizenship.’ We all accepted that cultural differences challenged...Read more...

  • Sermon: Embody Me

    By: Loren McGrail Apr 30, 2018

    Luke 24:36b-48

    St. Andrew’s Scots Memorial Church
    April 15, 2018

    You are within us and among us, O Christ,
    as the one who is alive for ever.
    In the sorrow and the the sufferings of our lives you are with us
    as the one who holds the key of new beginnings.
    There is no ending in the world.
    There is no fear in our lives.
    There is no despair in our hearts,
    that your living presence cannot unlock.
    You are within us and...

  • Pray with Hong Kong May 6, 2018

    By: Judy Chan Apr 30, 2018

    Lectionary Selection: John 15:9-17

    Prayers for Hong Kong:

    O God, your Son gave a new commandment to his disciples on the eve of his crucifixion: “Love one another as I have loved you.” The disciples already knew the great commandments to love God and neighbor. Now Jesus makes crystal clear what more that love requires courage, passion, and the willingness to sacrifice our very lives to bring about Your reign of...Read more...

  • Happier Than the Living? A Meditation on Life

    By: Nishan Bakalian Apr 24, 2018

    Again I saw all the oppressions that are practiced under the sun.
    Look, the tears of the oppressed—with no one to comfort them!
    On the side of their oppressors there was power—with no one to comfort them.
    And I thought the dead, who have already died,
    more fortunate than the living, who are still alive;
    but better than both is the one who has not yet been,
    and has not seen the evil deeds that are done under the sun.
    Then I saw that all toil and...

  • Pray with Hungary on Sunday, April 29, 2018

    By: Ha-un Priscilla Yang Apr 23, 2018

    Hungary_2004_Evan_Golder_11.JPGLectionary Selection: 1 John 4:7-21

    Prayers for Hungary:

    Loving God,

    Thank you for the gift of love. Thank you for your indiscriminate acceptance of all people. Sometimes it is hard to understand, accept, and love those who are different, and sometimes there is fear because of the differences. Fill our hearts with your love. Open our hearts and minds to the new perspectives and help us to see the similarities...Read more...

  • Pray with Mexico on Sunday, April 22, 2018

    By: Elena Huegel Apr 16, 2018

    Lectionary Selection: John 10:11-18

    Prayers for Mexico:

    Today we pray for Mexico, caught in the shadow between light and darkness.

    In the womb where nativity waits,
    In the grey fog before dawn,
    In the curve of the tunnel hiding the exit,
    In time suspended, half-way, no longer there, not yet beyond.
    Between despair and hope shared,
                but not yet fulfilled.
    Between fear and courage opening its wings
                but not yet alight.
    Between sadness and joy bubbling up from the depths
                but not yet overflowing.
    Between suffering...

  • Justice Denied

    By: Loren McGrail Apr 12, 2018

    B’tselem’s new report on the violation of the rights of Palestinian Minors by Israel’s Military Courts

    On March 19th B’Tselem, one of Global Ministries partners in Israel/Palestine, held a press conference to launch its new report, Minors in Jeopardy: Violation of the Rights of Palestinian Minors by Israel’s Military Courts. I went to the press conference because the YWCA of Palestine centers its work on youth and women and I wanted to learn more about the legal system that...Read more...

  • Pray with Hong Kong on Sunday, April 15, 2018

    By: Bruce Van Voorhis Apr 09, 2018

    Lectionary Selection: Luke 24:36b-48

    Interfaith Cooperation Forum fosters understanding and respect for other faiths and cultures in Asia as part of its School of Peace and other programs.

    Interfaith Cooperation Forum fosters understanding and respect for other faiths and cultures in...Read more...

  • My time in Dumaguete

    By: Lauren Robinson Apr 04, 2018

    It feels as though time is moving faster now, in the second half of my year of service. I reside in the Philippines, within the Visayas region in Dumaguete City. Dumaguete is a small yet bustling city and is well-known throughout the Philippines for Silliman University, a world-renowned University.


  • World Health Day 2018

    By: Monica Liddle Apr 02, 2018

    World Health Day is April 7. What does it look like to be working in a church partner-supported clinic in Lospalos, East Timor, in 2018?

    Including myself, Clinic Imanuel Lospalos is staffed with six women. Amena Cristovao was trained at Lake Superior College in Duluth, Minnesota, as a medical laboratory technician. She is now responsible for managing the clinic TB program, from making the sputum smears, identifying positive cases through microscopy,...Read more...

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