Mission Stories

  • Pray with Kenya on Sunday, November 11, 2018

    By: Bosela Eale Nov 05, 2018

    aacc.pngLectionary Selection: Mark 1:14-20

    Prayers for Kenya:

    Dear God,

    As we gather to worship you, fill us with anticipation and prepare us by your Spirit. Be the first thought in our hearts and help us to be conscious of your direction. Strengthen us for service, nourish us with the bread of life, transform us for mission.

    We know that we have preferred to stay with the questions rather than to look...Read more...

  • Opportunities within my Role

    By: Victoria Peagler Nov 01, 2018

    Dear friends, partners and co-workers of Common Global Ministries,

    It brings me no greater honor than to bring you up-to-date regarding my work at Kgolagano College, Gaborone, Botswana.


  • “Weeping With Those Who Weep”

    By: Judy Chan Nov 01, 2018

    Dear Friends,

    In response to recent disturbing news about the suppression of Christianity in mainland China, the Hong Kong Christian Council held an ecumenical prayer meeting on the evening of October 24. Over 100 persons gathered at the hall of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Yaumatei to sing, reflect and pray together for brothers and sisters in the mainland.


  • Mission in Japan: Asian Rural Institute October 2018

    By: Joyce Ray Oct 30, 2018

    japan_ari_joyce_and_bob_ray_08.jpgIn the third week of October, we can feel fall in the air here in Tochigi, Japan. Some days are still warm, but nights are pretty cool. We expected to see changing leaves, but they are still green, and the changes are in the mountains, we hear. September was busy with many visitors – university classes coming to gain experience in organic agriculture, Rotary clubs and women’s groups. Mealtimes were spent...Read more...

  • Mission in Japan: Asian Rural Institute September 2018

    By: Joyce Ray Oct 30, 2018

    japan_ari_joyce_and_bob_ray_01.jpgIn September, 2018, Asian Rural Institute (ARI) life is as we remembered it from 2013 – welcoming smiles, camaraderie, hard work, learning by doing, and everything that comes with a community sharing a common life together. The special blessing of returning is renewing friendships and also meeting a whole new class of participants and volunteers. We are grateful to Global Ministries, an ARI partner for their support.


  • Pray with Colombia on Sunday, November 4, 2018

    By: Michael Joseph Oct 29, 2018

    IMG_20180930_110202.jpegLectionary Selection:  Mark 12:28-34

    Prayers for Colombia:  

    Loving God, today we pray for the country of Colombia and our Global Ministries partners there. Laying down weapons of war after fifty years of internal armed conflict is not easy. But you commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and the people of Colombia are attempting to do just that through a comprehensive peace accord, signed in 2016. Today we pray for...Read more...

  • The Migrant Caravan from Central America/ La Caravana de Migrantes de Centroamérica

    By: Ricardo Mayol Oct 23, 2018

    The phenomenon of mass migration, in which migrants embark on the road and protect themselves, is new. So far, the migrants relied on the help of coyotes, largely linked to criminal networks. They were vulnerable and exposed to kidnappings, extortion, rape, murder, and disappearances. In this new phenomenon, they protect each other and the humanitarian society covers them with gestures of love that are faithful to the gospel (I was a stranger and you took me in... Mt 25:35).


  • Wolverhampton experience

    By: Allison Trezona Oct 22, 2018

    One of my first experiences in the UK was going to a festival a few hours away with my supervisor’s family. We saw a comedian in a giant circus tent, who asked the audience to raise their hand and say where they are from. I shot my hand up, eager to talk about the location of my new home. But upon saying that I am from Chicago and now live in Wolverhampton, the tent erupted with laughter. The comedian continued...Read more...

  • Pray with Indonesia on Sunday, October 28, 2018

    By: John Campbell-Nelson Oct 22, 2018

    Lectionary Selection:  Mark 10:46-52

    Prayers for Indonesia:  

    Yesus, Son of God, have mercy on the people of Indonesia. Tens of thousands are grieving and homeless after the earthquakes and tsunamis on the islands of Lombok and Sulawesi. Thousands are still missing, and their families can only trust that their loved ones have found shelter in Your mercy. As Muslims and Christians, Hindus and Buddhists face a common grief, may they rediscover their common bonds of humanity as well. Calm this...Read more...

  • A Rapidly Changing Landscape

    By: Kearstin Bailey Oct 19, 2018

    Since 2014, the landscape of Europe has been changing at a rapid pace in regards to refugees and other people on the move. Asylum laws are constantly changing, countries are still overwhelmed with the amount of people moving from one place to another, integration is a struggle, and there are too many moving parts for most people to keep track of.


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