Mission Stories

  • Pray with Germany on Sunday, January 27, 2019

    By: Rosalind Gnatt Jan 21, 2019

    germany_rosalind_gnatt_001.jpgLectionary Selection: Luke 4:14-21

    Prayers for Germany: 

    Lord, our brother Jesus was rejected by the people who thought they knew him best – his hometown folk. They couldn’t believe that one of their own could have anything of worth to say to this tiny village. Freedom from poverty, oppression, illness? What nonsense; what audacity. Seventy-four years ago, you called Germany, decimated by the moral atrocity of the Holocaust, back into life....Read more...

  • 2018 Feliz Navidad! Feliz Nuevo Anos! 2018 Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

    By: Jeanette Salley Jan 16, 2019

    Celebrating Christmas and New Year in Nicaragua begins about a week before Advent with the sound of firecrackers and the display of fireworks all day and through the night until the day after New Years.


  • New Year Greetings

    By: Martha Mensendiek Jan 16, 2019

    Dear Friends

     2018 was a tumultuous year in many ways.

     Personally, I had to say goodbye to several dear friends, one of whom was Teruko Enomoto, the founder of the Bazaar Café.


  • Give Back the Song: Choose Another Way Home

    By: Loren McGrail Jan 16, 2019

    Loren1.jpgMathew 2: 1-12

    Rev. Loren McGrail
    Plymouth Congregational Church UCC Seattle, Washington

    January 6, 2019


  • Pray with Democratic Republic of Congo, Sunday, January 20, 2019

    By: Paul Turner Jan 14, 2019

    Lectionary Selection: John 2:1-11

    Prayers for Democratic Republic of Congo:  

    Eternal God,

    We thank you for answering so many prayers on December 30, 2018, Election Day in DR Congo. A day spared from widespread violence and upheaval. We thank you for protecting all of the volunteer election observers serving under the Churches of Christ in Congo (known by its French acronym, ECC), one of three Global Ministries’ partners in DR Congo. We are grateful that most ECC election observers were mostly...Read more...

  • Thanksgiving in Japan

    By: Douglas Smith Jan 08, 2019

    Japan_Doug_Searles_CWS_Japan_IMG_3111.jpegAlthough I ate many and varied dishes during my stay, my hosts in Japan had never heard of kotsudan. According to Dave Barry it’s a dish made with dates although I suspect he got the name wrong. One of my favorite Japanese dishes was lamb grilled in the style of the Hokkaido Islanders. I watched my friends cook the lamb with cabbage and shallots on a small square grill on their...Read more...

  • Pray with Greece on Sunday, January 13, 2019

    By: Kearstin Bailey Jan 07, 2019

    greece_kearstin_bailey_2019_01.jpegLectionary Selection: Luke 3:15-17, 21-22

    Prayers for Greece:  

    Loving God, Creator of the heavens and earth, we come before you today with hearts filled with hope for the New Year – one more just and loving than the last. Despite the chaos in our lives and our world, we know you are with us as we work to embody your radical love.

    Things are constantly evolving in our world: people seeking refuge...Read more...

  • Pray with Mexico on Sunday, January 6, 2019

    By: Cara McKinney Dec 31, 2018

    Lectionary Selection:  Matthew 2:1-12

    Prayers for Mexico:  

    Mother and Father God,

    Today, we thank you for the gift of the wise men, who showed such courage not only in taking the steps to begin their journey but also in deciding to not return to Herod. Let these wise men be our guiding star this holiday season as we attempt to continue to discern what is good and right in the world.

    Dearest God, help us to continue to do what...

  • Feeling the Good That Evil Attracts - Thoughts for Epiphany

    By: Elena Huegel Dec 28, 2018

    Eph. 3:7-12, Mt. 2:1-18
    Thoughts for Epiphany

    Sermon by the Rev. Beverly Prestwood-Taylor, Athol Congregational Church
    Poem by Elena Huegel, Global Ministries

    Change is so hard. Everyone has trouble with it.


  • Pray with Kenya on Sunday, December 30, 2018

    By: Phyllis Byrd Dec 24, 2018

    kenya_phyllis_byrd_IMG-20181205-WA0004.jpegLectionary Selection:  Luke 2:41-52

    Prayers for Kenya:  

    The restoration work of the Organization of African Instituted Churches (OAIC) in the restoring the earth in a massive tree planting throughout Africa and giving communities alternative cooking sources so that trees are not cut for charcoal.

    The restoration work of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) as the reach out to Anglophone Cameroon and offer Church leadership a room in their guesthouse...Read more...

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