Mission Stories

  • Pray for Swaziland on Sunday, March 1, 2015

    By: Marcy Gansler Feb 23, 2015

    swaziland_gogos2.jpgLectionary Selection: Mark 8:31-38

    Prayers for Swaziland:

    Dear God,
    We know that many times we get caught up in focusing on worldly things, so we ask for your help in refocusing our hearts and minds.
    We humbly ask that you
       Enlighten what may be dark in us…..
       Strengthen what may be weak in us…..
       Mend what may be broken in us…..
       Bind what may be bruised in us…..
       Heal what may be sick in us…..
      ...

  • Towers in Nogales

    By: Scott Nicholson Feb 19, 2015

    I saw heavy machinery up ahead as I parked on the ridge road a few miles north of the border with Mexico.  When I got out of the car, I could see a tower in the east and another one in the north.  None of that had been there the last time I was on that ridge just three months ago and I was curious to get a closer look when I returned from the hike.


  • Seeking to Ease the Suffering

    By: Nathaniel Bailey Feb 19, 2015

    Nate Bailey serves as a Global Mission Intern with the Orthodox Initiative in Amman, Jordan.  His appointment is made possible by your gifts to Week of Compassion.


  • Lessons on Human Rights in the Deep South of Thailand

    By: Bruce Van Voorhis Feb 17, 2015

    Hong_Kong_-_Halima_Abdullah__a_resource_person_for_the_human_rights.jpgThis year began like much of last year with a lot of traveling. Shortly after the new year began, I flew to the Cambodian city of Siem Reap in January for a meeting of the working committee of Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF) to review last year’s work and to make plans for 2015.  A few weeks later I was facilitating a human rights workshop in February in southern Thailand for almost 20 of...Read more...

  • Images of Peru

    By: Lauren Kabat Feb 16, 2015

    Lauren Kabat is a Global Ministries Intern working with the Association Promoting Education and Conservation in Amazonia (APECA). Her appointment is supported by Week of Compassion.


  • Pachakutik: Mission as Deep Transformation

    By: Bethany Waggoner Feb 16, 2015

    Bethany Waggoner serves as a Global Mission Intern with the Ecumenical Foundation for Development, Integration, Training and Education (FEDICE).  Her appointment is supported by Week of Compassion


  • Why Did You Come to Morocco?

    By: Tyler Reeve Feb 16, 2015

    Tyler Reeve serves as a Global Mission Intern with the EEAM (Église Évangélique au Maroc).  His appointment is supported by Week of Compassion.


  • Pray for Japan on Sunday, February 22, 2015

    By: Martha Mensendiek Feb 15, 2015

    Japan_kenji.jpgLectionary Selection: Mark 1: 9-15

    Mission Stewardship Moment from Japan:

    As I write this, people in Japan are mourning the death of journalist Kenji Goto, who was being held hostage by ISIS.  Goto, an independent journalist, was a Christian, and a member of our partner denomination in Japan, the Nihon Kirisuto Kyodan. Goto was known for his passion for peace and justice. His work centered around giving a voice to civilians and the...Read more...

  • Project Updates from Japan

    By: Jeffrey Mensendiek Feb 12, 2015

    Jeffrey_Mensendiek_1.jpgIt has been three years and ten months since the great disaster in northeastern Japan. Many people are still struggling to regain a sense of balance in their lives. Some are fighting for their right to live in peace – free of want and hardship. Our partners in Japan continue to accompany those who suffer. Global Ministries supports the following four projects.


  • Life's Lessons

    By: Global Ministries Feb 11, 2015

    Rachel_Beck1.jpgThere is a magical place called “Family Village Farm.” Why is this place magical? There are many reasons. It might be the feeling of happiness you get when surrounded by the cutest, loving children.  Or it could be the inspiration received from the amazing women who work there.  Or maybe it is magical because of the lessons you learn from the grandmothers.  No matter which one of these it may be, if you...Read more...

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