Mission Stories

  • “Safety at Home for Children”

    By: Xuyen Dangers Apr 02, 2014

    With the support of a professional social worker Ms. Karen Vinacour, a retired social worker from New York, USA who has been in Laos for almost three months. She has had a lot of experiences working with children and adolescents in hospitals, clinics, and schools in the USA and Australia. She is volunteering at the National Children hospital and the Lao Disabled Women Development Center (LDWDC).



  • When the People Say No

    By: Judy Chan Apr 02, 2014

    Hong Kong is famous for many reasons. It is known as a world power in the financial markets, a city of skyscrapers with a stunning harbor, and a post-colonial Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China since 1997. By many measures, it is a great success story. Nonetheless, one doesn’t have to look far to notice the tensions simmering just beneath the surface. Someone has described the atmosphere as similar to a pressure cooker.


  • The Stones are Crying Out

    By: Loren McGrail Apr 01, 2014

    Isaiah 61: 1-4; Luke 19-37-44
    One thread is a strange thread---it is my steadying thread; when I am lost, I pull it hard and find my way. When I am saddened, I tighten my grip and gladness glides along its quivering path; When the waste places of my spirit appear in arid confusion, the thread becomes a channel of newness of life. One thread is a strange thread—it is my steadying thread.  God’s hand holds the other end.  From Howard Thurman, “The...Read more...

  • Learning to Live Beyond Indonesia’s Volatility

    By: Karen Campbell-Nelson Apr 01, 2014

    At times the natural world serves as an especially appropriate metaphor for the social world. Today I read an editorial in the Jakarta Globe entitled “Learning to Live with Indonesia’s Volatility” that gave a sobering picture of the devastation caused by the eruption of Mt. Kelud in eastern Java this past week. To date more than 100,000 people have been evacuated from their homes and although the eruption has ceased, dangerous ash continues to fall. I was aware of the volcano’s activity...Read more...

  • Tribal Rhythms

    By: Rosalind Gnatt Apr 01, 2014

    Four months of my UCC New York - Evangelische Kirchen Hessen Nassau Partner internship have flown by. The Rheingau enjoyed a gloriously warm summer and autumn, and now we're resigning ourselves to the well-known grey, damp and chill of coming winter. Germany, like the rest of Europe, is tied to its ancient Germanic and Celtic tribal rhythms, and when the weather turns dreary, the cycle of celebrations and holy days kick in. Special baked goods, new wine (Federweisse in the...Read more...

  • Settling In

    By: Bethany Waggoner Mar 31, 2014

    It’s true what they say — time flies when you’re having fun. It seems like just a few days since my Mom and I made an early trek to the Portland International Airport and I boarded a plane to Atlanta to embark on a new adventure. In reality, it’s been over a month and as I write this letter, it’s hard to choose what experiences to share with you — there have been so many...Read more...

  • Looking Ahead

    By: Sara Makari Mar 31, 2014

    We send warm greetings to each one, and lift up our prayers for you that you are finding grace and blessing in the sight of God, and help in time of need. From our corner of the globe, we watch and listen to the news and pray for God’s mercy on a world God made and loved. For, in so many places, there is strife and human misery, rebellion and unrest, acts of hatred and...Read more...

  • Pray for Venezuela on Sunday, April 6, 2014

    By: Carmelo Alvarez Mar 31, 2014

    Lectionary Selection: John 11:1–45

    Prayers for Venezuela:
    O God, we pray for peace in Venezuela, by the liberating power of the Gospel. We believe in the power to struggle, affirm, and achieve a goal, the defense of life in the midst of so many contradictions in our human existence. In order to experience and see the glory of God requires that we seize the moment, this decisive unique opportunity of God’s...Read more...

  • A New Beginning

    By: James Wilson Mar 27, 2014

    "Faith makes us sure of what we hope for and gives us proof of what we cannot see." Hebrews 11:1 (CEV)


  • Signs of Hope within the Scars

    By: Martha Mensendiek Mar 27, 2014

    This March 11th will mark 3 years since the triple disaster in northern Japan. Last November I took a trip to the coastal area where the tsunami damage was so great. A friend and I rented a car and drove up the coast, and saw the scars left by the tsunami. Many villages/towns –where houses once stood and fishing businesses once thrived, are now gone. It brought tears to my eyes to see this beautiful...Read more...

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