More justice, more service

More justice, more service

Mark 10: 35-45

Prayer:  On this World Communion Sunday, oh God of love and mercy, may we open our hearts, not only, to the reality of your love for us as individuals beloved, but also, to your call to serve.  As we come to your table to share this meal of bread and cup; open our hearts, our minds, our arms to the life-giving ritual where everyone in welcome. 

Oh God of mercy and grace, open our eyes to the reality of service in your name is valuable even necessary as we seek to follow the teachings of Jesus.

Oh God of Grace and wonder open paths before us, paths that lead us to see the value and dignity in those we serve more than seeking to be recognized for the service we offer. 

Oh God of wonder and mystery, touch our hearts anew with the spiritual truth that, as we celebrate this World Communion Sunday, not only, do we share in communion meals around the world, but also, with the saints of old. May it be so, Amen.

The story in Mark is so real.  Two brothers in the group of 12 are serving so well they decide to ask for a place of honor the right hand and the left hand of Jesus.  They want to serve but somehow have gotten twisted in what service means.  Serving is not earning special privilege, that makes our service about us. 

Even though I am no longer serving at Las Memorias, I carry memories and lessons in my heart.  This lesson of serving speaks to me of my being witness to service in action.  People drawn into the Las Memorias community by a common condition, living with HIV/AIDS.  As individuals come to us they are very sick and in need of much physical care.  Some need to be fed, all need help with hygiene for they are too weak to stand in the shower alone.  It is common practice for a person to recover to a point where they now begin to care for the new person who has come. 

But it goes further than that. The whole community of Las Memorias functions on the little bit of service that each on can do.  All the cooking, cleaning, painting, patient care, building…everything is done by the residents.  Some may say that Las Memorias is held together by Duct tape and prayer.  I say it is held together by a deep ethos of service. 

Jesus tells us Whoever wants to be first shall be the slave to all… It is a call to get our ego out of the way.  This does not make less room at the table. Living with our ego in check provides us the opportunity to experience the mystery of God at work in the world. There is room at the table for everyone.

Not everyone can go and serve like I did, but every little bit helps.  More justice, more service, less ego, more giving… it all helps us to take part in World Communion Sunday and in service WITH our Mission partners and Mission Co-Workers.  Your giving made my service possible… I thank God for each of you.



Jerri Handy serves with Albergue Las Memorias in Mexico. Her appointment is made possible by your gifts to Disciples Mission Fund, Our Church’s Wider Mission, WOC, OGHS, and your special gifts.