Urge the U.S. to Lead by Example on Refugee Protection & Resettlement

In the lead up to two historic refugee summits organized by the United Nations General Assembly and President Obama, it is critical for the U.S. to demonstrate bold leadership on refugee protection.

Unfortunately, Congress is considering legislation that would flatline refugee resettlement funding at last year's levels.  This is unacceptable as the arrivals are anticipated to be 100,000, compared to the 75,000 refugees planned for last year.  Strong welcome and integration support for new arrivals requires adequate funding.  Congress holds the purse and Members need to hear from their constituents that they support refugee resettlement.

We call on President Obama and the U.S. Congress to lead by example in three ways:

1. Increase refugee resettlement

2. Ensure adequate funding for international assistance and U.S. refugee resettlement

3. Stop detaining and deporting Central American refugees, and instead ensure they have full access to protection and asylum



1-866-940-2439 - Representative

1-866-961-4293 - Senators

Here’s a sample of what to say:


 “I support refugee resettlement and want to see the U.S. resettle more refugees.

I urge Congress to increase funding for refugee assistance internationally and refugee resettlement in the U.S.

The U.S. should stop detaining and deporting Central American refugees, and should instead ensure they have full, meaningful access to protection and asylum."


You can also tweet your Senators and Representatives, as well as the White House:

.@SENATOR/REPRESENTATIVE, show that #AmericaWelcomes by supporting increased funds to resettle #refugees! #RefugeesWelcome #RCUSAfor200K

".@WhiteHouse Stop detaining & deporting Central American kids & families who need PROTECTION. #RefugeesWelcome"


Please also sign this postcard calling on the U.S. to lead by example, and spread the word to urge your networks to sign and call Congress today! Postcards are due by September 12!

Follow @RCUSA_DC on Twitter and “like" Refugee Council USA on Facebook for up-to-date alerts.


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