NBC to Air Global Ministries Connecting Threads!

NBC to Air Global Ministries Connecting Threads!

The Rev. Gregg D. Brekke, news director, UCC


In this age of natural disasters and injustice, it’s refreshing to be reminded that ordinary people still can make a difference in the world. That reminder comes in the form of a new documentary called “Connecting Threads.”

The video is the latest documentary produced by the United Church of Christ, the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission and the National Council of Churches. It will debut on NBC TV stations nationwide starting on Oct. 5, 2008.

“Connecting Threads” shows viewers how ordinary people are sharing their talents and time to work with others for a better world.

“It’s not often that we have an opportunity to take a trip around the world in less than an hour,” says the Rev. J. Bennett Guess, head of the UCC’s communication department. “‘Connecting Threads’ enables viewers to experience diverse people, landscapes and religious perspectives; while being reminded that the Christian faith is global in its reach and inclusive in its mission.”

The documentary takes viewers to Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Southern Asia, East Asia and the Pacific, and the Middle East and Europe.

“Watching ‘Connecting Threads’ brings the voices and lives of our global neighbors right into our homes and hearts,” says Jan Aerie, a spokesperson for Global Ministries, a shared world ministry partnership of the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). In 2007, Global Ministries had a total of 147 missionaries serving in 44 countries.

For additional info go to: http://www.ucc.org/connecting-threads/

From Global Ministries:

We are thrilled about the national exposure Global Ministries will receive when NBC affiliate stations are invited to run the one-hour version of our Connecting Threads video series during the month of October. Several have already committed to showing it, but many have not yet.  The key is to contact your local NBC TV stations to encourage them to air Connecting Threads. The Connecting Threads website http://www.ucc.org/connecting-threads/ will have a list of all of the NBC stations, email address and phone numbers of the program managers. Information on which stations have agreed to broadcast it and the airdates will be listed on the website, too.

We appreciate all you can do to get the word out, and don’t forget to ask your local station and be sure to watch it at home!