NCC seeks nominations: “Interfaith Engaged Congregation” Award for 2012

NCC seeks nominations: “Interfaith Engaged Congregation” Award for 2012

An opportunity to be recognized for outstanding interfaith work

The National Council of Churches’ Interfaith Engaged Congregational Initiative helps congregations strengthen their own self-understanding and identity as a community deeply rooted in the Christian story and at the same time open to learning from, working with, and sharing with those of other faiths.  Recognizing a congregation through this award communicates to other congregations that this Interfaith Engaged Congregation and its leadership have something important to share about interfaith engagement.

This recognition advances congregational mission and health by empowering congregations to share their story with denominational partners, local media, and potential funders; encouraging creative interfaith engagement through inclusion of interfaith content in curricula, preaching, theology, vision and mission, and budget; and equipping leaders to affirm and celebrate all who have contributed to the recognition and providing an impetus for more people to get involved.

To receive this recognition, a congregation must:

  • Be affiliated with the a member communion of the National Council of Churches, or with a community that participates on one or more of the NCC’s commissions.
  • Complete the nomination form, describing the ways in which the congregation meets each of the characteristics identified by the NCC’s Interfaith Relations Commission.
  • Submit at least three letters of support, one from a leader within your regional or national church structure, and at least two from recognized leaders of other faith communities.
  • Agree to be listed as a mentor congregation for three years, and be available to provide advice about nurturing interfaith relations in a congregational setting.

Click here for more information and the nomination form.  The deadline for submission of applications and supporting documents is December 31, 2012.