NCC Urges Passage of HR 296, Recognition of Armenian Genocide

NCC Urges Passage of HR 296, Recognition of Armenian Genocide

NCC_logo.jpgThe National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA (NCC) has long called for official recognition by the United States government of the Armenian Genocide. Therefore, we strongly urge the U.S. House of Representatives next week to pass House Resolution 296 which recognizes and memorializes the Armenian Genocide.

From the 4th Century, the Armenian community has been a living and vibrant witness to the Gospel that is at the heart of our shared Christian faith. This community suffered through genocide at the turn of the 20th century, with the loss of one-and-a-half million lives through persecution by the Ottoman Empire.

The NCC finds it unacceptable that the United States has yet to officially recognize the Genocide of 1915, which decimated a majority of the Armenian population then living in Asia Minor. The historical record should be rectified.  

The Armenian Genocide was the first genocide of the 20th century and it marked the beginning of what is commonly referred to as the bloodiest, most violent century in all of human history. During the horrific period beginning in 1915 and continuing until 1923, more than 1 million Armenians (and others) were killed, and hundreds of thousands more were displaced. The dead were buried in the land where they had lived for generations. The refugees were dispersed throughout the world, and some to the United States, where their future generations have now become the friends and neighbors with whom we stand today. 

The Armenian people have provided inspiration by standing against the evil of genocide wherever and whenever it is committed. Now is the moment for the United States of America to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

You can join us in telling Congress it’s time to recognize the Armenian Genocide. Click here to send a message to your Representative.