“Never Mind” (a poem)

“Never Mind” (a poem)

“Never mind,” they say, “about

Persons so distant from you in

Language, geography, and, certainly

Culture (norms and values

Binding groups since the

Beginning).  Too different, too

Remote, too whatever.”

However, the same sun

Rises in the East

(Thankfully; because I’m all

Turned around) and the

Same faith connects our

Spirits and the same

Desire for solidarity for

Community for peace for

Friendship that miles and

Oceans cannot dissipate

But merely anticipate and

Celebrate the possibilities.

Never mind the distance for

Shalom unites nevertheless

And like the grace of

God is “’all you can’ eat

Rice” and love without measure.

Dennis Alger participated in an immersion trip to Mindanao, Philippines in June 2013 and has been very involved in partnership with the Philippines.