Never Too Old

Never Too Old

Meet Cephas, he is one of my best students. He is always right with me and I can see lights come on when he understands the concepts being taught. He is constantly one of high scorers on the tests I present on the material we cover in the Old and New Testament. Cephas is seventy years old! His full name is Cephas Kwame Onny.  His Christian name is after the real name of Peter the Apostle of Jesus before Jesus decided to call him Peter. His middle name means “a male born on Saturday.  He is the father of five children and he has eight grandchildren. He worked in the national banking industry in Ghana and retired in 1988!


Cephas feels called to be part of a church start. He is confident that this is what God has called him to do with the remainder of his life here on earth.  He enrolled in the program to train Catechists in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church here where I teach in Peki, in Ghana, West Africa to seek the “truth.” He is definitely a truth seeker as far as Bible study goes. He possesses an alert, open mind and a heart driven to learn what God wants to teach him.  He pays his fees out of his own pocket. He sleeps in the old missionary house on the hill with the empty second floor along with the other men in his class because they like the breeze and room they have to fellowship and have devotionals together early in the morning.  This floor is empty, no furniture. The stairs he climbs daily with men much younger than him to reach this house are daunting.

Cephas is always happy and positive in his attitude. He is an inspiration to the others in the program and to me as well.  It is great honor to be part of his training and it will be a great joy to be there to see him graduate this June. It will be interesting to see where God takes him from here in His service

In Jesus,

Gary in Ghana

Gary Luallin serves with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana. He serves as a university professor.