Order New Day for Christians 2012 Magazine

Order New Day for Christians 2012 Magazine

THAT’S THE POINT: THIRSTY, HUNGRY, FILLED – 8-Session Study with a Mission Focus

You want small group material that balances spiritual development with mission empowerment – this magazine is that tool. Using prayer-based Bible study and mission stories, this magazine provides specific ways for groups to grow in spirit and in action.

  • Examine the ways that the global church meets the physical and spiritual
  • Read stories of people who have found hope, shared water or food, and
  • Get involved – find out how to make global connections as a Global

New Day for Christians features:

  • 8 sessions for flexible scheduling
  • Mission stories and Bible study for adults and older youth
  • Stories from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and Europe, East Asia and the Pacific, and Southern Asia

To view a free sample: http://www.chalicepress.com/assets/pdfpreviews/NewDayPointSample.pdf

To order you copy online, click here: http://www.chalicepress.com/Category.aspx?CategoryId=196

To Download the flyer and order by mail: That’s the Point: Thirsty, Hungry, Filled