2011-2012 New Day for Christians – With You Always

2011-2012 New Day for Christians – With You Always

This is a reminder to you and congregations in your region that the 25% discount on the new edition of New Day for Christians mission study magazine expires soon. From now until November 30, regions, congregations, and study groups may take advantage of these savings – and save even more with purchases of a dozen or more.

Using prayer-based Bible study and mission stories, New Day for Christians magazine provides specific ways for groups to grow in faith and action.

Here are some items that may help you answer questions and encourage congregations in your region to use it!

  • There is no price increase this year!
  • In response to customer requests, the magazine offers eight study sessions.
  • New Day for Christians magazine is a collaboration between CBP/Chalice and Global Ministries that approaches Bible study and spiritual formation with a global missions perspective
  • The theme of the 2011-2012 issue is “With You Always [God’s Critical Presence]”
  • The New Day for Christians magazine is available in English or Spanish, and the Leader’s Guide includes both English and Spanish
  • The Leader’s Guide will be available in both print and digital download (PDF) editions, with English and Spanish text       

New Day for Christians magazine (English)

97A0853, Reg. $16.99, Save 25% — just $12.75 if ordered by November 30

Nuevo Dia para los Cristianos (en Español)

97A0854, Reg. $16.99, Save 25% — just $12.75 if ordered by November 30

Leaders Guide – Print Format (English & Spanish combined)

97A085,  Reg. $16.99, Save 25% — just $12.75 if ordered by November 30

In partnership with Global Ministries, New Day for Christians includes information on how congregations can truly claim the identity of being a “Global Mission Congregation.”

With You [in person]
These stories tell of times when a person was in the right place at the right time to show God’s presence to others or to feel God’s presence personally. • 8 sessions for flexible scheduling • Mission stories and Bible study for adults and older youth • Available in English and Spanish

With You [in Scripture]
Follow the story of the book of Acts in the Bible, highlighting stories of the presence of the Holy Spirit, God, and Jesus in the lives of Paul, Peter, and the early church.

Small group studies suitable for: • Sunday School classes • Small groups • Mission trip groups • Personal devotion • All-church Bible study • Lenten study • Youth group programs

With You [in partnership]
Read the stories of people who encounter the love of God in India, Botswana, Haiti, and more! Learn from the personal-size map and facts about India Get involved – find out how to make global connections as a Global Missions congregation!