New Missionary Emphasis Endowment Fund

New Missionary Emphasis Endowment Fund

For over two centuries, Global Ministries, beginning with its predecessor mission bodies of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ, has sent individuals whose passion for Christ’s Good News and in service with God’s people leads them to serve in a mutual sharing of God’s abundant life. Through disasters, dictators, and despair, mission personnel walk together with international partner churches and communities as they develop ministries that sustain all of God’s creation.

Global Ministries partner churches, councils of churches, and faith-based organizations in the 90 countries where Global Ministries is in connection submit requests for persons in mission on a regular basis to fill their specific personnel needs. Usually a requested mission co-worker provides skills or talents that the partner cannot fill at the present time. 

In 2001 the Board of Directors of the Division of Overseas Ministries (DOM) set up the New Missionary Emphasis Endowment Fund with $1 million in order to respond to an increasing backlog of requests from partners for mission co-workers that cannot be fulfilled because of financial limitations.

The average fully-supported missionary appointment costs Global Ministries about $60,000 per year for expenses of salary, benefits, housing, children’s education and travel. Distributions from the New Missionary Emphasis Endowment Fund make possible the placement of at least one fully-appointed mission co-worker each year. These ministries of presence help inspire and support the work of Global Ministries partner churches and organizations.

The Fund’s principal is held as a permanent fund of the Division of Overseas Ministries, and is invested and allocated according to the policies that govern DOM’s endowment funds as determined by the DOM Board of Directors.

New gifts to this permanent fund expand the endowment’s effectiveness. Gifts for the New Missionary Emphasis Fund may be given online or by check written to Division of Overseas Ministries and sent to:

Global Ministries
P.O. Box 1986
Indianapolis, IN 46206

Please include the designation New Missionary Emphasis Fund on the check memo line, in an accompanying note, or in the Project/Partner” box if giving online.