New Resource on the Congo

New Resource on the Congo

New Day for Christians focuses on the Disciples and UCC relationships in the two Congos

Are you looking for material for your study group? New Day for Christians has been designed to work with almost every type of group. Its six-session format makes it perfect for

  • Lenten study
  • a sermon series or small group discussion with Elders
  • a fall all-church Bible study curriculum for teens and adults together
  • small group material for a mission committee seeking to prepare the congregation to become a Global Mission Congregation through Global Ministries
  • a book group selection for a small group

New Day for Christians can be used effectively for established small groups or new small groups—even as an opening meditation source.

New Day for Christians magazine offers the perfect balance of biblical reflection, stories from a recent trip taken by Disciples of Christ Regional Ministers to Africa, and of the connection that our congregations have to Christians making a difference in the lives of their communities in their daily walks of faith in North America and beyond.

Included in the magazine is a section that explains how to use the magazine for various types of group settings. A large map that illustrates countries in Africa with which the Disciples of Christ share a global witness helps group participants understand the geographical and economical problems faced by individuals and congregations who live there. An online Leader’s Guide is also available to assist you in working with small groups.

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