News about the Disciples Tennessee Region Group in Haiti

News about the Disciples Tennessee Region Group in Haiti

January 15 2010, 5:04 AM 

Thanks for your prayers all. We are Santo Domingo now and hopefully will be flying to NASHVILLE today, Friday. It has been a tramatic experience for all of us but everyone came out of it alive and without any injuries but it was very close for us. There is no doubt to me, and all of us, that God saved us all from death and injury. I will share more later.

Glen Stewart


January 14, 2010, 12:45 PM

Please see the latest from Clay Stauffer from Woodmont Christian Church regarding the TN Delegation:

Our group is now boarding a flight to Santo Domingo!!!  Once they arrive there, there are people waiting for them to make plans for their flights back.  There is even a chance they could be home late late tonight or tomorrow!!   Great news!!

Woodmont is now collecting a special offering that will be given to Week of Compassion for Haiti relief.


Thursday, January 14, 2010 10:15 AM

We heard from the group again this morning via text message.  They are safe at the airport waiting for evacuation to the Dominican Republic.  I now have more information on who else is with the group.  In addition to Glen Stewart, our regional minister, and the Woodmont members, there are two members from First Christian Rockwood (Mark Foster and Jay Cooley) as well as Deborah Dewitt from Memphis.  Once they get to the DR, they will hopefully be able to piece together their return to Nashville.  This is all great news!  Keep the prayers coming.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010 11:26 PM

I just got a few text messages from Trey.  They are safe at the US Embassy and slept outside last night.  He said that most people’s phones were destroyed in the quake along with their belongings.  They were right in the middle of everything!  They are hoping to get out on a military evacuation plane tomorrow to the Dominican Republic.  He tells me there are only 200 people at the Embassy (which is a surprise to me) and apparently, they are at the top of the list to get out.  Thanks to all who have been concerned and praying.   I will be glad when they are home!

From a guy who still cannot sleep.


Thursday, January 14, 2010, 3:36 AM

Reverend Stauffer of the Woodmont Christian Church sent an email late last night (around 11:30pm) indicating that he received a few text messages from Trey (Flowers).  The group is safe at the US Embassy and slept outside last night.  He said that most people’s phones were destroyed in the quake along with their belongings.  They are right in the middle of everything and are hoping to get out on a military evacuation plane on Thursday to the Dominican Republic.  Trey said that there are only about 200 people at the Embassy and apparently, the Woodmont group is at the top of the list to get out. More information as we receive it.

Brenda Wynn, Rep. Jim Cooper

Charlotte Jackson, Sen. Lamar Alexander

Rhonda Smithson, Sen. Bob Corker


January 13, 2010 11:14 PM

Concerned Disciple friends:

In addition to the one text last night, there has been more contact today with the Tennessee regional group in Haiti. Trey Flowers, one of our Disciples House students who is on the trip (he works at Woodmont CC), emailed his father around noon–

“The following email is being sent to you by U.S. Embassy Port-au- Prince on behalf of Trey Flowers. He says “I am OK and will contact you later.””

Here is a facebook page set up by Trey’s sister–not much new news there yet, mostly prayers and best wishes for support for the group–

Rev. Clay Stauffer at Woodmont sent the following update midday–

“The folks in Jim Cooper’s office are talking with Senators Alexander and Corker’s offices and are compiling a list of all Tennesseans in Haiti. The State Department is working to get an evacuation plan

together. Americans that are hurt or injured will receive priority.

As of now, we do not believe anybody in the Woodmont group is hurt or injured. We have not had contact with any of them since last evening and we do not know where they spent the night. I have heard conflicting reports about whether or not the airport is functioning and open. I know that the powers that be are working hard to get our group and other Americans out. Keep them in your prayers.”

And here is a link to another news piece, later than the article from this morning’s Tennessean–

I will try to feed unique news that doesn’t show up through DOM or Week of Compassion releases into the pipeline as it comes through local connections.

Remember to remind people that monetary donations for Haiti can go through Week of Compassion at their website (https://, and that CWS Kits will be welcome as well (

PageServer?pagename=how_vol_kits)–thanks, Brandon, for the update!


Mark Miller-McLemore, Dean

Disciples Divinity House@Vanderbilt

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Ministry Vanderbilt Divinity School


January 13, 2010

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