News from Evangelical Hospital at Khariar, India

News from Evangelical Hospital at Khariar, India

A brief update on the accomplishments and goals of the hospital as it celebrates its Platinum Jubilee in 2005.

Dr. Ajik Singh reports that God has blessed Evangelical Hospital in the last year.  The Hospital specializes in General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Orthopedics, Urology, Ophthamology and Plastic Surgery.  Despite the continuing shortage of specialist doctors, the patients who come continue to find healing with the help of the staff and facilities.  Gifts from partners abroad continue to support improvements in equipment and infrastructure.  The Hospital is proud that no patient is refused treatment for lack of money. 

The Hospital celebrated its Platinum Jubilee on February 12th, 2005.  For this occasion the hospital and staff quarters were painted, buildings and roads were repaired, the boundary wall was whitewashed and a new gate was constructed.  The festivities were attended by Rt. Rev. Dr. P.C. Singh, Bishop, Diocese of Jabalpur; Dr. B.M. Pulilmood, Prof. of Medicine and Former Director of Christioan Medical College; and Prof. Dr. Ramani Pulimood, Former Professor of Hematology at Christian Medical College, Vellore.  Rt. Rev. C.K. Das, Bishop of Sambalpur Diocese, assisted with the program and was an honored guest.

The greatest needs for the continued improvement of the services at the Hospital include: staff, including a Physiotherapist, a B.Sc. Nurse, and pharmacy assistants; facility improvements including a complete renovation of the Hospital with replacement of most of the basic equipment, improvements to staff housing and construction of a chapel; addition of a guest room/conference facility; and equipment including an auto analyzer, a C.T. Scanner, a Coulter Counter, an Olympus Gastrointestinal Fiberscope, a Digital Display 400, Surgical Diathermy, a C-Arm Image Intensifier, a radiology department, and computerization of all records from the medical departments, laboratory and pharmacy.

Evangelical Hospital, Khariar, continues to be involved in the running of the nursing school at Tilda and receives students in training for management of post operative cases and to learn surgery techniques.  The Hospital served a total of 2780 inpatients last year as well as 19,058 outpatients.  A total of 1380 surgeries were performed, of which 164 were eye surgeries.