Newsletter of the Reformed Church in Hungary

Newsletter of the Reformed Church in Hungary

Newsletter of the Reformed Church in #Hungary

1% Support, 99% Spirit

Each year, taxpayers have the ability to direct 1 percent of their income taxes to a church of their choice, and an additional 1 percent can be given to another recognized NGO. The personal advertisements of the year’s 1% campaign would like to show conversion and the inner and outer change that comes with it. We have looked for real life stories with real flesh and blood people behind them, whose life, lifestyle and environment have completely turned around by receiving the Gospel and through the service of the RCH. The first chapter of this series is about Zsolt, who lives a pure and hard life after quitting drugs.

Over the Border: Interest in Unity

In this interview, we spoke with Béla Kató, bishop of the Transylvanian Reformed Church District, and István Csűry, bishop of the Királyhágómellék Reformed Church District, about why Hungarians need Mohács and how ecumenism comes to fruition in Transylvania.

Beautiful Diversity

“Our mission is to provide a home to ‘newcomers,’ to help rebuild their lives in humanity and to give Christ’s love to them,” said Dóra Kanizsai-Nagy, head of the Refugee MInistry. We asked Dóra about her job’s attractiveness, its difficulties and discussed how to celebrate Christian holidays with others from different cultural backgrounds.

The Dialogue Continues

The Church Revision Committee recently met to discuss the continuation of the RCH’s revision process. It has decided to team up with the Synod Mission Committee and has developed a working plan for this cooperation, which includes some 20 consultations based upon the suggestions of the Revision Committee’s submission that the Synod accepted in November.

2014: Year of Celebrations and Change

At the start of a new year, the RCH looks forward to the organization and implementation of some very important events in 2014, most notably the Hungarian Reformed World Summit, release of the new Hungarian Bible translation, Synod/church elections, unity jubilee of the Hungarian Reformed Church and preparations for the 500th reformation jubilee.

Featured Events of the RCH

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