Newsletter of the Reformed Church in Hungary – June 2016

Newsletter of the Reformed Church in Hungary – June 2016

Courage and Hope at the Reformed Table

As a follow-up consultation to the January meeting in Rhineland, partner churches continue the discussion surrounding common responsibility in the current migration situation. Representatives from fourteen countries and many churches and faith-based organization took place in this meaningful dialogue regarding migration in Europe.  Read more.

RCH Synod Legally Recognizes the Scottish Mission in Budapest

On May11, 2016, members of RCH Synod met for the first time in the new year to discuss the legal recognition of the Scottish Mission in Budapest, as well as other topics such as youth gatherings, an updated translation of the second Helvetic Confession, and the Reformation Jubilee.  Read more.

175 Years of the Scottish Mission in Budapest

In celebration of the 175th Anniversary of the Scottish Mission on Budapest, the RCH is spotlighting the history, mission, and work of the congregation through a series of timely interviews, articles, and more. In this first interview, we speak with Rev Aaron Stevens, current Minister at the Mission, to hear about his time in the congregation.  Read more.

Finding a Place in the Church

Leading up to the five hundredth anniversary of the Reformation, the fifth RCH Youth Assembly took place from April 22-23 in Budapest. Fifty five delegates from RCH’s secondary and higher education institutions, university congregations, and youth organizations looked for an answer to Luther’s question, which was formulated five hundred years ago, “How can I find the merciful God?”  Read more.

A White Book to Document Injustice

With the publication of a new White Book to document the illegalities of property confiscation in Romania, we hope that finally the foundation of our lives may be justice and peace. The long struggle between the Transylvanian Reformed Church District in Romania and the Romanian government in regards to Székely Mikó High School continues, but this new publication seeks to highlight the contested property on an international scale.  Read more.

A Walking Bible

As a child, Attila János Lakatos was diagnosed as having a developmental disability, but now he is a college student who can easily cite professional literature and recite Bible verses one after another. János is a third-year Deaconary student passionate about the deep work that deacons provide for communities of faith. He plans to get a degree in social work as well and eventually would like to work among orphans, because János was once an orphan himself.  Read more.