November 2011: Action that Transforms

November 2011: Action that Transforms

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Be doers of
the word, and not hearers only.  James 1:

A small
cart pulled by a cow left Nagpur in 1868 and travelled for five days carrying Rev.
Oscar Lohr to Bishrampur, India.  He was the first missionary in the
region from the United States representing the United Church of Christ. In 1885
another cart left Jabalpur and travelled for three days through the tiger
infested forests of what we call Kahna National Park to Bilsapur. In this were
three ladies Miss Anna Boyd, Miss Kingsley and Mrs. Adams representing the
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the US.

Anil Henry writes, I am in India today on behalf of the many missionaries who
followed, and the congregations of these two mainline churches of America that
were two of the six churches that joined in the unification of the Church of
North India. I am filled with thanksgiving every day for their vision and hope.
 It is not only my seven years of service
with the Church of North India on behalf of Global Ministries in Mungeli, but a
second generation of mission work that continues after the legacy of my parents
namely my mother Mrs Nancy Henry who was sent out by the United Church of
Christ 50 years ago as a young missionary nurse, and later married my father
Dr. VK Henry.

In the
small area of Mungeli, we try to show God’s love through the running of a
hospital (120 beds) and school (500 children).  We ask for strength as we move
toward the construction of a new school building, a cancer centre, starting
nursing education and working with the community to help them better understand
that our faith has very little value if we do not have action along with it.

We pray
with the Henrys, asking God to transform our lives with courage and cleanse us
so that we may be better vessels of God’s work.

Anil and
Teresa Henry serve the Synodical Board of Health Services of the Church
of North India. Both work as medical doctors and Anil as director of the
Christian Hospital in Mungeli. They are supported in part by One Great Hour of
Sharing (OGHS).