Nozuko Toli Graduates from ARI

Nozuko Toli Graduates from ARI

Nozuko is a born leader. But the thing is, when she arrived at ARI, she hadn’t yet realized that.
Back in her home community she serves as a community secretary, working with the town’s
people to define their needs and then petitioning the government to provide for these needs, such
as roads, bridges, water pumps, and many more. She is also the coordinator of her Church
Vegetable Project in which she works with local families to cultivate unused land owned by the
church. They are able to eat what they produce and sell any remainder for some extra income.
Part of the reason Nozuko came to ARI was to gain new skills to expand this project.

“When I go back home to my community, I want to be a good leader; a leader who serves people, not the one who wants to be served by the people. I want to listen to the people.” Nuzuko Toli

On the behalf of the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa, the Asian Rural Institute would like to extend its deep gratitude to Global Ministries for providing a scholarship to Ms. Nozuko Toli to attend the Asian Rural Institute’s Rural Leaders Training Program (April – December 2008). By supporting Nozuko you have helped a whole community in South Africa.

Isao Nozaki


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