“Palestinian Women: Achievements and Prospects”

“Palestinian Women: Achievements and Prospects”

A paper by Dr. Bernard Sabella to the “Women as Agents of Change” conference

[The following paper was presented at the Conference “Women as Agents of Change in the South Mediterranean Region,” organized by the North–South Centre of the Council of Europe.  The Conference was held in Rome, Italy, October 24-25, 2011.]

We cannot measure the progress of the Palestinian people without appreciating the role and participation of Palestinian women. Since the British Mandate times women participated in the political and social activities intended to oppose the policies of the Mandate on the Jewish National Home and to support the nationalist movement to highlight Palestinian Arab rights and aspirations in Palestine. True, the involvement of Palestinian women at the British Mandate time was more restricted to the elite and higher class women who belonged to the urban notable families. Their example, nevertheless, emphasized that Palestinian women shared with the men the same predicament and worked for the same goals and objectives of affirmation of Palestinian national rights.

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*Dr. Bernard Sabella is the Executive Director of the Middle East Council of Churches’ Department of Service for Palestinian Refugees, a Global Ministries’ partner.