Ecumenical Network of Theological Education (REET)

The Ecumenical Network of Theological Education (REET) is an organization dedicated to reflection, training, research and the development of actions with the community in the field of theology, religious sciences and related humanistic and social studies. 

The REET aims to make an original and relevant academic and scientific contribution that stems from its ecumenical Protestant identity, and is based on critical thinking that incorporates the gender perspective, the inclusive paradigm and an intercultural approach as significant aspects. Likewise, its contribution is enriched by its commitment to the defense of human rights, the promotion of caring for the environment and understanding among people with different backgrounds and various faiths.  REET’s work is closely related with similar efforts developed by the modern Ecumenical Movement and the World Council of Churches. 

The program seeks to serve the mission of Protestant churches and the culture in general through the training of professionals, teachers and researchers who can work in church, educational and related civil society institutions, on a national and regional level. 

With a renewed institutional project, the REET recaptures and expands the academic work of the prestigious Evangelical Institute of Theological Studies (ISEDET), which functioned as an official university institute between 2001 and 2016, dedicated to the promotion and development of ecumenical theological education. 

Within the framework of an innovative scientific-academic proposal, the REET incorporates, in addition to theology, religious sciences and related humanistic and social studies as a field of study and research. 


 Headquartered in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Ecumenical Network of Theological Education (REET) is an organization established in 2017 by the following Protestant churches: Río de la Plata Evangelical Church; Río de la Plata Waldensian Evangelical Church; Disciples of Christ Church; United Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Mennonite Anabaptist Church of Buenos Aires. 


  •  Provide training with academic excellence in the fields of theology, religious sciences and related humanistic and social studies, from an ecumenical Protestant perspective. 
  • Develop research lines and programs in the field of intersection between theology, religion, culture and science, churches and society. 
  • Participate and influence with an emancipatory sense in the development and transformation processes that take place in the Foundation’s reference communities and in society in general, as a contribution to the mission of the churches, to the strengthening of democratic life and a culture of peace in the country and the region. 
  • Promote the strengthening of exchange networks and academic cooperation with various educational, university, scientific and civil society institutions, national and foreign, in order to develop joint programs and actions in the religious, academic, scientific and social fields.

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