Kgolagano College

Kgolagano College was established in 1975 by five churches (African Methodist Episcopal Church, Botswana Diocese [Anglican], Church of God in Christ, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa, and the United Congregational Church in Southern Africa) and was called the Botswana Theological Training Programme (BTTP). In 1987 the BTTP became Kgolagano College of Theological Education by Extension.

The College is a society registered to offer academic training in theology.  It is made up of mainline churches in Botswana, and is run by a Board of Trustees that includes the Botswana Council of Churches (BCC) and Botswana Bible Society. Like other tertiary institutions, the college is governed by the Botswana Qualifications Authority Act, which is prescriptive of how leadership of tertiary institutions should be constructed.

As an institution founded by churches, the College was mainly supported by the foreign donor community. During this period, it was mainly training to meet the Human Capacity exigencies of the member churches and associated Christian community. When the donor fatigue engulfed the nation, the college lost its crucial support in the process impacting on its operations and ability to strengthen its capacity.

Up to the 2009-2011 strategy planning cycle, the college had been offering Theological Education up to Diploma level in Botswana for forty years. The college has since been accredited by the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA), to which end it is required to operate in line with the requirements of BQA. This includes diversification of its courses and establishment of sustainable administrative framework and financial strategy.

The College is headed by a governing board, with an executive committee responsible for the operations of the college reporting to the board.  It offers training at post-graduate level, and offers Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) accredited courses at degree, diploma and certificate levels, and is awaiting accreditation of more courses at degree and master’s level. 

The college has since entered into a partnership with CCL Consultancy, resulting in what is now known as CCL Kgolagano Business School, situated at Plot 784 Independence Avenue, Main Mall, Gaborone

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