Churches Committee for Emergency Aid (CIPAE)

Churches Committee for Emergency Aid (CIPAE) is an ecumenical institution, not-for-profit, for the defense and promotion of fundamental human rights. It was created by three Christian churches: Christian Church Disciples of Christ, Evangelical Church of the Rio de la Plata, and the Catholic Church on 28 June 1976. After having served for several years, under the legal personality of the three founding churches, in 1995 CIPAE was constituted under the figure of Civil Society, non-profit, with restricted capacity of “Legal Personality” registered in the General Direction of Public Records Section.

CIPAE’s vision as an ecumenical entity is, faithfulness to the Gospel message of peace, justice, truth, integrity of creation and solidarity.  These are a benchmark in being committed with the poor and excluded, with credibility in the eyes of society and the State. CIPAE promotes sustainable human development through the validity, the exercise of full and unrestricted rights of the civic-political, economic, social, cultural and environment areas. They strive to contribute to the positive transformation of the living conditions of social groups, marginalized and excluded, by strengthening the capacity of auto gestation and strategic linkage of grassroots organizations and the incidence in favor of more equitable public policies.

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