Cuban Council of Churches (CIC)

Concilio de Iglesias de Cuba

17157369_10209840656226769_6665942247804307269_o.jpgThe Cuban Council of Churches (CIC) in Havana, a longstanding Global Ministries partner, was founded in 1941 on the theme “united to serve.” For more than half a century the CIC has stood by its churches and people during economic unsettlement and natural disasters. There are several purposes of the CIC. 

The CIC gives unity to the Christian Churches of Cuba and to help unify Cuban churches with other churches around the world. The CIC encourages dialogue between different movements and institutions as a means for churches to expand their ecumenical vocation of service, thus deepening their responsibilities towards society and all of God’s creation. CIC also promotes study, dialogue, and cooperation among Christians to increase Christian witness and enhance life in Cuba.

Since Cuba is located in the Caribbean it suffers from strong hurricanes and natural disasters. The CIC Committee of Emergency Relief stands committed to providing relief and building an emergency response infrastructure for the Cuban population in times of natural disaster. The Committee of Emergency Relief is deployed the minute an emergency arrives and the CIC churches coordinate to help those in need to overcome damage and other issues that arise after a natural disaster.

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