Ecumenical Foundation for Peace and Justice (House of Hope)

The Ecumenical Foundation for Peace and Justice (FOPJ) is a Christian non-profit situated in Port-au-Prince. 

IMG_2370.JPGFOPJ has many programs including a primary school, technical school, health services, and programs for young mothers and elderly individuals without family. Further, they are passionate about providing resources for people to learn traditional Haitian/Caribbean arts including painting, dance, embroidery, cuisine, music, and more. Opportunities to engage with one or several of these arts are woven into almost every program that FOPJ provides.

FOPJ also runs the House of Hope, an educational program for children/youth living as indentured servants or “restaveks.” As most restavek children have minimal to no schooling, FOPJ works to provide a primary education to children living as restaveks. Normally, it takes six years to complete a primary education in Haiti, but FOPJ has worked diligently to create a state-approved curriculum that will allow students to receive a primary education in four years. While students are in the program, they also receive access to a school nurse, one hot meal per day, positive social interaction, and opportunities for artistic expression and learning. 

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