Evangelical Church of the Disciples of Christ in Argentina

Iglesia Evangélica de los Discípulos de Cristo en Argentina

The Evangelical Church of the Disciples of Christ in Argentina was established by missionaries from the USA who arrived in 1906 and later. The church became autonomous in 1959. Throughout its history, it has had a strong sense of being called to remain faithful to the essence of the denomination: the search for the unity of the churches and a strong emphasis on Christian service. Today, the Disciples of Christ exercise their ministry in two provinces very far apart from each other: Buenos Aires and Chaco (north of the country). In Buenos Aires, there are four congregations, two of which are joint congregations with the Methodist Church.

The economy of Argentina has been in crisis for a long time. The church has accompanied those who seek to alleviate the needs in their communities through soup kitchens, day centers, medical assistance, etc., and the creation of micro-enterprises. All the emphasis of service and ecumenical action is founded on and sustained by a profound Christian experience and a strong commitment to the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ as the Lord of life and as an expression of the saving and redeeming love of God the Father. The risen Christ proclaimed by the church continues to be the answer for all persons and the country during the serious and sad problems humanity faces.

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